Good news, good news! City Square-Otogar tram line will end on 800 a day

Good news, good news! Kent Square-Otogar tram line will be completed in 800 days: who will make the new tram line connecting Kent Square and the bus station will be re-decided by the Metropolitan Municipality

The Bursa Metropolitan Municipality is also focusing on railroads investments while making new roads and road extensions in order to avoid transportation problems. In this context, the tender of T2 tram line, which will extend the comfortable and uninterrupted transportation to the terminal, was made. 10 won the tender in June with the tender price 133 million 816 thousand TL Ultra Teknoloji SAN. TIC. INC. Took. Ultra Technology SAN. TIC. INC. Serkan Tunçbilek, the general coordinator, also explained the tender process in the carousel program published on AS TV.


Delivering the tender for the T2 tram line, Tunçbilek said that their aim is to bring this service to the residents of Bursalılar soon after 800 days. Tunçbilek stated that the line will start from the city square and continue from the Yalova road to the bus terminal. On the line where the 9445 station will be located, there will be an 8445 railway, 1000 highway bridge and an open shut-off tunnel that will extend the terminal from the main road to the terminal. It is estimated that the domestic vehicles produced in Bursa will travel on this line '.

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  1. If the subway was built there will be fifty years to work, but the tram line will lose its function after ten years and will be dismantled