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Karşıyaka tram cancellation case:KarşıyakaNGOs have filed a lawsuit for the cancellation of the tram project in.

KarşıyakaNGOs have filed a lawsuit for the cancellation of the tram project in. Criticizing the route for harming trades, suggesting that it will increase traffic congestion Karşıyaka Demands of mass mass organizations announced that nostage of the beach is the tram.

Announcing its name to the public with its opposition to the Solid Waste Disposal Facility planned to be built by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality on the skirts of Mount Yamanlar, Karşıyaka Union and Solidarity Association President Mehmet Yıldırım sözcüwhat he did KarşıyakaSome democratic mass organizations in Istanbul wanted to stop the tram project, which is still under construction.

Mehmet Yıldırım, who held a press conference, said that they wanted a nostalgic tram, but this project was an electric train project. Stating that the opinions of the public about the project and its details were not received and the necessary information was not given before the project and tender process, Yıldırım stated that they applied to the Municipality of Bülyükşehir due to the cancellation of the project, but they did not receive a response. For this reason, Yıldırım pointed out that they submitted a petition to the Administrative Court for the suspension and cancellation of the execution of the project. “The number of vehicles in the coastline and Mavişehir region will increase twice in 2030. The road narrowing due to the tram will cause traffic jams. We object to the fact that EIA report is not received, public information is not used, electrical wires pose a danger to human life, and active green areas are reduced. ”

Yıldırım suggested that narrowing the sidewalks is not appropriate, and that tramway tradesmen will be negatively affected and will serve shopping malls. Attending the meeting KarşıyakaFeyyaz Surgur, one of the non-governmental organizations in Bostanlı, Tradesman and Industrialists' Association President, asked the Metropolitan Municipality to make a re-evaluation of the route, especially that the Bostanlı bazaar will be adversely affected during the construction process.

Karşıyaka The tram was first designed to pass between Mavişehir-Alaybey and the green area on the coast. Later KarşıyakaThe tram was taken to the vehicle road in the revision made considering the demands of the residents of the city, especially the palm trees on the beach, not to be damaged. Instead of Alaybey Karşıyaka It was terminated at İskele. 14 kilometers long, consisting of a total of 8.8 stops Karşıyaka tram line from Mavişehir İZBAN Station to Ataşehir, İZBAN Workshop, Mavişehir, Karşıyaka Arena, Yalı, Anatolian High School, Atakent, Pazaryeri, Bostanlı, Bostanlı Pier, Dolphins, Wedding Palace and Karşıyaka Scaffolding stops.

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