MOTAŞ Receives Quality Certificates

MOTAŞ Received Quality Certificates: “We Have Certified Our Quality” Malatya Transportation Inc., which operates the public transportation service of Malatya. (MOTAŞ) has documented the service quality it carries out meticulously. Since the day he took office [more…]


It cannot be broken

He cannot leave the station where he spent his years: 35-year-old Mehmet Duygulu, who worked as a train chief at TCDD in Gaziantep and retired after 89 years, misses his profession in the historical Karkamış. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Suburban Tatti at 2017 OK

Suburban Taste OK in 2017: There is no significant progress in the suburban lines, which were closed two years ago for integration with Marmaray. Stations became working areas for graffiti artists, train [more…]


Level Crossing in Manisa: 1 Dead

Accident at Level Crossing in Manisa: 1 Dead: Accident at level crossing in Manisa: 1 dead. The woman who was hit by a train in Manisa's Salihli district lost her life. According to the information obtained, Manisa-Alaşehir [more…]


Our lives are not under the train!

Don't let our lives fall under the train! Citizens are experiencing difficulties because there is no overpass on the railway in Barbaros District, where train accidents occur most in Manisa. “Entering the railway line is dangerous and [more…]