Highway Traffic Safety Week

Highway Traffic Safety Week: A program was organized in Iğdır in the context of UM Road Traffic Safety Week N celebrated between 2-10 May.
Deputy Governor of Iğdır Muhlis Arslan, Provincial Police Chief Yüksel Babal, Provincial Gendarmerie Regiment Commander Gendarmerie Colonel Mustafa Ulus, non-governmental organizations, police personnel and drivers attended the ceremony held at the Cultural Center. A moment of silence, speaking at the ceremony that started after the National Anthem, Iğdır Deputy Chief of Police Şükrü Buğday, as it is known, is the Highway Traffic Safety Day of the first Saturday of May every year in Turkey as well as all over the world, in order to ensure and maintain traffic safety, and in the week following today. He also said that it was accepted as the Highway Traffic Week. Stating that the Highway Traffic Safety Day and Week will be held in Iğdır, as well as across the country, this year, between 2-10 May 2015, Buğday said, “The fact that traffic does not pose a danger to the safety of life and property of our citizens is a permanent solution for the problems in this area. All segments and individuals, especially public institutions and organizations, have responsibilities. When the traffic accidents that have occurred in recent years are analyzed, it is seen that the traffic rule violations, which play a major role in the formation of traffic accidents such as excessive speed and close follow-up, are not made in areas where there are mobile radar warning signs and subsequent teams, but where there are no mobile signs and official traffic teams. It is understood that they violate many traffic rules and cause traffic accidents. For this reason, it is necessary to increase the perceived risk of being caught on drivers and to increase the habit of obeying traffic rules, especially speed violations on all highway routes. kazanIn addition to the mobile radar warning signs used in speed controls with radar, fixed radar plates have also been placed at the necessary places by the Regional Directorate of Highways.
Stating that motorcycles and bikes are widely used in Igdir, Buğday said, “One of the three traffic accidents occurred is the accidents involving motorcycles. Bicycles and motorcycles must also comply with traffic regulations, such as other vehicles. There is a parking problem in our city especially in the city center. As there is not enough space to park the vehicles, parking ban violations and second row of parkings are intensifying, which in turn affects the urban traffic negatively. Kazım Karabekir Street, Evrenpaşa Street, Çevreyolu and Şemsettin Uzun Boulevard are the places where the most accidents occur in our city. In this context, in addition to the traffic teams of the Security Directorate, other public institutions and private organizations have duties in the resolution of the traffic problem. I would like to express my gratitude to all of you that we wish to make a significant contribution to the formation of a conscious society with extraordinary sensitivity and to achieve the targeted objectives and to avoid accidents, mas he said.
In the program; In the context of the film screening, which emphasized the importance of the traffic rules, the week ended with the award of the award to the traffic officers of the year and the drivers of the year by the protocol.

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