Tramway crash in Gaziantep

Tram accident in Gaziantep: Damage occurred in Gaziantep due to the collision of trams in the same direction. According to the information received, 216 Nolu Street, the direction of the tram in Karataş direction, due to a technical land in the Southkent stop in front of the tram [more…]

Asphalt News

President Asil Asphalt Inspection

Mayor Türelden Asphalt Inspection: Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, Aksu district Alaylı and Gökdere neighborhood covered the road between hot asphalt. Menderes Türel, Mayor of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, by Rural Services Department [more…]


Death Ramp Death Crossroad

The death ramp was a death crossroad: Despite all the arrangements made in the Warty Ramp, where traffic accidents occurred in which many people lost their lives or were injured for many years, the loss of life and property continues. [more…]


Respect for Traffic in Karamanda

Karamanda Respect Walk in Traffic: Karaman 'Respect Walk in Traffic' KARAMAN Security Directorate 'Road Safety and Traffic Week' organized because of 'Respect Walk in Traffic' took place with the participation of approximately 1000 people. KARAMAN Police Department 'Road [more…]


Safe tractor operation in Bayramic

Safe tractor driving activity in Bayramiç: traktör Safe tractor driving ”activity was organized in Bayramiç district of Çanakkale. Interior, Food, Agriculture and Livestock, National Education, Health, Transportation, Maritime and Communication Ministries and Gendarmerie General Command, Highways [more…]

49 Germany

German Engineers Strike

The German railway company offers mediators to the union On the third day of the strike launched by the mechanics in Germany, the German railroad company offers the union a mediator. Deutsche Bahn Chairman Rüdiger Grube [more…]

06 Ankara

Aksayol Cayyolu Metro

Aksaray Çayyolu Subway: Çayyolu Subway, which has been experiencing a malfunction since the day it was opened, started the day with pain. While the 30 minutes were disrupted due to the failure, the passengers rebelled against the consecutive announcements: “Technical [more…]


Gospel of Elazığa Fast Train from Davutoglu

High Speed ​​Gospel from Davutoğlu to Elazığ: AK Party Chairman and Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu addressed the public at the Elazığ rally. He gave a series of good news to Elazığ including High Speed ​​Train. The Prime Minister Davutoğlu'nu Elazığ [more…]