Highways Workers Made a Double Feast

Highways Workers Made Double Feast: Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, who came together with Highways Workers in Ankara, said, “Today we are together with you for a feast celebration and a good news. "Good staff of 6 thousand 417 road workers" said. This decision was warmly welcomed among the workers in the Dardanelles in the whole Turkey.
Muharrem Bektaş, Branch Secretary for Bursa 1, said in a statement on the issue, X Today is a very important day for the workers working at the Highways. We celebrated a double holiday with the recruitment of workers by 30 in April in Ankara. In order to end the working life of the subcontractor system, ie no rules, precarious and non-union work in the highways, we started to make our friends in 2010 as members of Yol-Is Union. All the lawsuits we filed were won and in 2011 it was also approved by the Supreme Court. But unfortunately, our struggle for this law, which we won for years, was not recognized. All the actions we did in Turkey, especially in front of the General Directorate of Highways in Ankara, thousands of people participated in the mass action, we tried to make our voices heard. In the end of this justifiable struggle, 30 attended the hall meeting of 15 in Ankara in April. 6 417 thousand people took employees to staff members throughout Turkey as a subcontractor. This struggle should set an example for other trade unions and institutions, and the Turkish labor system should be removed. I would like to thank our friends who contributed and struggled. E




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