Konya is Shorter to Mediterranean Coast

Konya connects to the Mediterranean coast by shorter route: After the completion of the Konya-Beyşehir divided highway and the completion of the New Konya Beyşehir-Antalya Highway known as the Gembos road, the descent from Konya to the Mediterranean coast will be provided at a shorter distance. [more…]

nusret erturk

Qualified Driver Shortage in Road Transport

TOF Secretary General Ertürk: – “As the road transport sector, we have a shortage of trained personnel and drivers. Drivers are no longer trained by the master-apprentice relationship”. Nusret Ertürk, Secretary General of the All Bus Drivers' Federation (TOF) [more…]


Host Tunnels 10 will save your cost per year

Konak Tunnels will save its cost in 10 years: The countdown has begun for Konak Tunnels, which will breathe life into İzmir traffic. The tunnel, which will be used by 40 thousand vehicles a day, will enable the people of İzmir to save more than 30 million liras in fuel per year. [more…]

Intercity Railways

Manisada train crash 1 seriously injured

Train accident in Manisa 1 seriously injured: The woman who was hit by the train in the Şehzadeler district of Manisa was injured. Passenger train numbered “31001”, which makes the Alsancak-Bandırma expedition, is at the Teachersevi Köprülü junction, 300 meters from the Manisa Train Station. [more…]

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Crane Rail Systems

Crane Rail Systems: edilon) (sedra CRS (Crane Rail System) at sea ports, inland waters, ports, transfer terminals and industrial areas economic, flexible, long-term and [more…]