Paving works in Ereğlide

Ereğli sidewalk works: Ereğli District Municipality of Konya continues paving and asphalt patch works on the hospital road. The teams affiliated to Ereğli Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs initiated on the way to hospital [more…]


You can't answer the highway

Highway response to Can't Do: The Party captain of the AK Party in Antalya, Lütfi Elvan, responded to the criticism of the opposition's 'not possible' with highway projects. Former Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications and [more…]


Road traffic regulation is changing

Highways traffic regulations are changing: With the Highways Traffic Regulation, radical changes have been made to existing driving licenses. While the changes came into force by being published in the Official Gazette, Yıldız Drive [more…]


Çukurca Bridge Launched

Çukurca Bridge was put into service: Çukurca Bridge, which was completed by the Forestry Directorate, was put into service with a ceremony. The ceremony was attended by Governor Orhan Alimoğlu, Karabük Deputy Osman Kahveci, Deputy [more…]


Two sides of the turf unite

Two Sides of Kozl are Combining: The construction of the bridge, which will connect Kozlu Center and Güney Mahallesi, has started on the Kozlu Stream. Easy access to settlements across the stream to the city center [more…]


150 Million Lira Highway Investment

150 Million Turkish Lira Highway Investment: With the completion of the works on the 33-kilometer route of the Tunceli-Pertek highway, transportation between Tunceli and Elazığ will decrease from 1,5 hours to 50 minutes. Tunceli Governor Osman Kaymak, about [more…]

Asphalt News

Karaveliler hot asphalt road

Hot asphalt on the road to Karaveliler: Antalya Metropolitan Municipality covered the Karaveliler road of Döşemealtı district with hot asphalt and completely solved the asphalt problem of the region. Metropolitan Municipality Rural Services Department, [more…]

49 Germany

Train Crash in Germany

Train Accident in Germany: In the train accident in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, 2 people died and 3 people were injured, 20 of them were serious. Occurs in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany [more…]

33 France

World's Fastest Trains

World's Fastest Trains: Rails now have a new champion. The Japanese magnetic levitation train reached a speed of 603 kilometers per hour, breaking a new record. rails [more…]