Asphalt News

Bağlar Municipality started asphalt work

Bağlar Municipality has started the asphalt works: Diyarbakır Bağlar District Municipality, Cemiloğlu, Fatih, Girne and Gürsel streets, 33 launched an asphalt work on a thousand square meters road. Bağlar Municipality, which carries out urban development and transformation projects that will change the face of Bağlar, [more…]


Paving works in Ereğlide

Pavement works in Ereğli: Konya's Ereğli District Municipality continues its pavement and asphalt patch works on the way to the hospital. While the teams affiliated to the Directorate of Science Affairs of Ereğli Municipality continue to work on the stone pavement on the walkway within the scope of the pavement works they started on the way to the hospital, [more…]


Highway response to Can't

Highway response to You Can't: Lütfi Elvan, the AK Party's team captain in Antalya, responded to the opposition's criticism of the 'cannot be done' with highway projects, with the project initiated by the former Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications and Antalya Deputy Candidate Lütfi Elvan [more…]


Road traffic regulation is changing

Road traffic regulations are changing: There have been radical changes in driving licenses available through the Road Traffic Regulations. The changes were published in the Official Gazette and Yıldız Yildiz Driving School Director Selcuk Yildiz explained the changes. 1 [more…]

01 Adana

Highway connection road works with Yumurtalık

Highway connection works with Yumurtalık: Works on the divided road that will provide transportation between Yumurtalık district and the highway have come to an end. According to the information obtained from the contractor company officials, although it was designed as 2001 kilometers in 28, it started to work in June 2010. [more…]


Çukurca Bridge Launched

Çukurca Bridge Opened for Service: Çukurca Bridge, whose construction was completed by the Forestry Management Directorate, was put into service with a ceremony. Governor Orhan Alimoğlu, Karabük Deputy Osman Kahveci, deputy candidate Sedat Namal, Garrison Commander Gendarmerie Senior Colonel Samit Tokmak, [more…]


Two sides of the turf unite

The Two Sides of Kozlun Combine: The construction of the bridge on the Kozlu Stream that will connect the Kozlu Center and Güney District has started. The bridge, which will provide easy access to the city center of the settlements across the stream, is also for the removal of heavy vehicles from the city traffic. [more…]


150 Million Lira Highway Investment

150 Million Lira Highway Investment: With the completion of the 33-kilometer route of the Tunceli-Pertek highway, the transportation between Tunceli-Elazığ will be reduced from 1,5 hours to 50 minutes. Tunceli Governor Osman Kaymak, with the completion of the works on the Tunceli-Pertek highway, which will cost about 150 million lira, Tunceli-Elazığ [more…]

Asphalt News

Karaveliler hot asphalt road

Hot asphalt to Karaveliler road: Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, Döşemealtı district Karaveliler hot road covered with asphalt, the region's asphalt problem completely solved. Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Rural Services, some time ago, covered with hot asphalt district Selimiye, Karataş, [more…]


The 3th deck in the 5rd Bridge has also been placed

The 5th deck was also placed in the bridge: 3. The 5th deck of the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, known as the Bridge, was also installed. Work continues on the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge and the Northern Marmara Motorway Project, which is implemented by ICA. INSTALLATION OF 5 OF THE TABLES [more…]

07 Antalya

Izmir-Antalya high-speed train project is on the way

Izmir-Istanbul high-speed train line projects on the way: Lutfi Elvan, one of Turkey's most important tourism centers gave the good news to Antalya, which will be carried out high-speed train. Lütfi Elvan, former Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications and candidate for AK Party Antalya MP, [more…]

31 Netherlands

edilon) (Sedra Rail System Solutions and Applications

edilon) (sedra Rail System Solutions and Applications TUNNELS Railroad projects passing through tunnels (new tunnels or renovation of old ballasted tunnels) are often complex projects due to issues such as limited tunnel height, strict safety conditions and water drainage. edilon) (sedra [more…]

35 Izmir

For Palm Trees Karşıyaka Tram Route Changed

For Palm Trees Karşıyaka Tram Route Changed: In Izmir, Karşıyaka Zühtü Işıl Sports Complex, which was completed by 7 Municipality and opened to service with a ceremony. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz, who responded to the allegations that the palm trees would be cut due to the tram project [more…]

49 Germany

Train Crash in Germany

Train Accident in Germany: 2 people died in the train accident that took place in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, and 3 people were injured, 20 of them serious. 2 people died in a train accident that occurred in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, 3 of them heavy 20 [more…]


TCDD is splitting 1 Wagon is railroad free

TCDD dividing the railway wagon 1 free: Republic of Turkey State Railways is expected to split into two as infrastructure and transportation within six months. Preparations are at the final stage to open the train business to the private sector. Within 6 months of TCDD [more…]

33 France

World's Fastest Trains

The World's Fastest Trains: The rails now have a new champion. Japan's magnetic levitation train reached a new record with an 603 speed per hour. The rails now have a new champion. Japanese magnetic levitation train per hour [more…]

34 Istanbul

EBRD award for Eurasia Tunnel Project

EBRD's award for the Eurasia Tunnel Project: The “Best Environmental and Social Application Award” given by the EBRD was this year's Istanbul Strait Road Tube Crossing Project. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) gives to the most successful projects in terms of sustainability [more…]

34 Istanbul

Sultançiftliği tramway becomes subway

Sultançiftliği tram turns into a subway: The mass opening ceremony of the investments completed in Arnavutköy district and the groundbreaking ceremony of the Old Edirne Asphalt Road, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş and Arnavutköy Mayor Ahmet Haşim Baltacı, Arnavutköy District Governor [more…]