Wood sleepers are spraying disease

Wood sleepers are spreading disease: they are used as a part of nature because they have a connection between man and nature and because they are functional, they are used in wood, architecture and various landscaping arrangements. But every wooden material [more…]

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PANEL A.Ş. Business Channel

PANEL A.Ş. Business Channel: PANEL A.Ş. In the interview given by Mr. Arif Temiz, Assistant General Manager of EURASIA RAIL 2015, to Business Channel, the development of Panel A.Ş. General information about the rail connection systems being produced [more…]

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Latest 1 Mileage in Eurasia Tunnel Project

Last 1 Kilometer in the Eurasia Tunnel Project: The last 2 kilometer has been reached in the Eurasia Tunnel project, which was built as 1 floors under the Bosphorus. Only 3 kilometer remains from the 340-meter excavation under the Bosphorus. When the project is completed [more…]

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Istanbul rail system

The solution to Istanbul traffic is the rail system: We live in very congested days in traffic, which is one of the biggest daily life problems of Istanbul. So, what projects are in Istanbul's roadmap for traffic solution? Bahçeşehir University Transportation Engineering Department Founding Chairman Prof. [more…]

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Sancaktepe metro will grow to the newborn

Sancaktepe metro will extend to Yenidoğan: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş did not break Sancaktepe Mayor İsmail Erdem, who wanted to extend the metro line. Topbaş promised that the subway will be extended to Yenidoğan. Kadir Topbaş, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, metro to Yenidogan [more…]