Diyarbakır-Bingöl highway was closed again

Diyarbakır-Bingöl highway was closed again: On 24 May 2014, the PKK, who set up and set up a tent on the Diyarbakır-Bingöl highway as an excuse for the construction of the police station and dam, restarted their actions after the statements from Kandil and İmralı. .
The PKK, which set up a tent on the Diyarbakır-Bingöl highway Lice district Çağıl hamlet, started the road closure action by stopping the vehicles and stopping the vehicles again in the morning. Faces with closed faces stopped the vehicles on the road while lowering the citizens from their vehicles. Upon the road closure action, it was stated that the security forces sent many soldiers to the region. It was reported that the security forces going to the region would intervene in the protesters if the road was not opened to traffic.
On May 24, a total of 4 people died in the action launched by the Patriotic Revolutionary Youth Movement (YDG-H) and PKK groups on the Diyarbakır-Bingöl highway, which were not allowed to pass through ditches at many points. 2 people lost their lives as a result of the explosion of the bomb they made while throwing a bomb to throw at the security forces, 2 people died in the incident and despite all the interventions in the hospital they were removed, a total of 32 people, 92 of them were soldiers, were injured. In cases of numerous detentions, 3 specialist sergeants were released a while after their abduction. A large number of vehicles were burned in the roadblocking protest, which was continued for 24 days by the terrorist organization's groups.



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