Highway Traffic Safety Week

Road traffic safety week: A program was organized within the scope of “Road Traffic Safety Week kut celebrated in May between 2 and 10 May. Iğdır Deputy Governor Muhlis Arslan, Provincial Police Chief [more…]


Bridge completed on the old Ankara road route

The bridge on the route of the old Ankara road was completed: Mayor Toçoğlu stated that the construction of the bridge on the route of the old Ankara road was completed and said, “A modern bridge with a length of 56 meter and a length of 13 meter was built on Mudurnu Stream [more…]


Turn off the way to the accordion

Close the way back to the accordion warning: The crashes and fluctuations in the Flying Path, which was opened to the 1,5 years ago, frighten drivers. Experts, the road closed to traffic as soon as possible to correct the bad parts wanted [more…]

49 Germany

Great strike on German railways

Major strike on German railways: In Germany, train drivers decided to strike for a week. Freight transport will stop during the 7 day, while passenger transport will stop during the 6 day. The Train Machinists' Union (GDL) strike today [more…]

tramway gaziantep

28 Tram Is Abandoned to Decay in Gaziantep

28 Tram Abandoned in Gaziantep: The 2012 tram, which the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality bought from Germany and France in 28, is being held in the storage area. Annual loss 5 million pounds! Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality of Germany and [more…]

06 Ankara

Arus Ordinary General Assembly Meeting

ARUS Ordinary General Assembly Announcement: ARUS Ordinary General Assembly Meeting 30 MAY 2015 will be held in Ankara on Saturday. All ARUS members are invited to the general assembly meeting. We're all looking forward to our meeting. DATE: 30 MAY [more…]

25 Erzurum

Palandoken ski center is being privatized

Palandöken ski center is being privatized: The real estates in Palandöken Ski Resort and Konaklı Ski Resort will be privatized for the year 49 by “Granting Operating Rights”. According to the announcement of the Privatization Administration published in the Official Gazette, [more…]