Intercity Railways

I need a freight train before Çoruma

You need a freight train before Çoruma: MHP Çorum 1. Vahit Kayrıcı Candidate for the deputy, Çorum'un priority need not a high-speed train, freight train, he said. Ali Bektas, Chairman of the Commodity Exchange [more…]

Intercity Railways

The broken train dragged train truck

The train caught in the broken wire dragged the pickup truck: In Mersin, 4 people were injured in the accident involving the pickup truck, which was dragged as a result of one end of the wire that was cut by the truck at the level crossing into the train and the other's frame. At the level crossing in Tarsus district [more…]


Mayor 1 May Pass the Rail Line to May

They Passed May 1 in Konya by Laying Rails on the Tram Line: Unions Memur-Sen and Hak-İş, known for their closeness to the government, celebrated May 1 Labor and Solidarity Day for the first time this year in Konya. Some workers are [more…]

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Chinese Train Manufacturers Involved in Bombardier

Chinese Train Manufacturers Are Interested in Bombardier: According to the information provided by sources close to the subject, who did not want to be named, the two largest train manufacturers in China's merger phase, Canadian train and aircraft manufacturer Bombardier, are in control. [more…]