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34 Istanbul

Istanbul's New Metro Stations

Where are the new Metro stops of Istanbul: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, which directed 60- 65% of its budget to transportation investments, tender for metro-oriented rail system plans until 2020. [more…]


Children in pregnancy

Children in Gebze to death with nose: The iron wires in front of the train tracks of TCDD passing through Gebze Barış District were cut by unidentified people and a cross road was opened. [more…]

Asphalt News

Dağbeli Road Paved in Two Days

Dağbeli Road was Asphalted in Two Days: Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, solved the asphalt problem of Dağbeli neighborhood in Döşemealtı district. The mountain road 1.5, which connects Dağbeli to Burdur-Antalya highway, is covered with hot asphalt. [more…]


RayHaber 06.05.2015 Tender Bulletin

Passenger vehicles and construction equipment will be rented Manisa Type Construction to the Sarayönü Station Site Change of the roof cover and concrete of the floor of the commercial ramp of Malatya station

49 Germany

Mechinists strike affected millions

The machinists 'strike has affected millions: In Germany, there are major disruptions in transportation due to the machinists' strike that will last until Sunday. Two-thirds of German rail company Deutsche Bahn (DB) services [more…]


Tram to break down Bar Street

Tramway will demolish the Bar Street: The tram project, which has been put forward in Kocaeli during each election period but has not been implemented, is still on the agenda. But this time, the route is from Bar Street [more…]

34 Istanbul

Metrobus from Europe to Asia

Metrobus situations from Europe to Asia: The harassment and extortion incident allegedly experienced at the Bahçelievler Metrobus Station brought the metrobus suffering to the agenda once again. We also [more…]

387 Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sarajevo to Xnumx tram from Konyadan

20 trams from Konya to Sarajevo: In Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, where the first tram service in Europe was held, the first electric tram used in 1895 is again on the streets of Sarajevo. [more…]