It takes courage to cross this bridge

It takes courage to cross this bridge: this extraordinary bridge reminiscent of this 'roller coaster' in Japan, the fearful dream of drivers…
The 'Eshima Ohashi' Bridge, built with an extraordinary design so that ships can pass under it, is the third largest bridge in the world in its category. The bridge connecting the “Matsue” and “Sakaiminato” cities of Japan to each other is 3 kilometers long and 1.7 meters wide.
The structure, which is the third largest bridge in the country and the largest in the world, has an unbelievable slope. When you look from a distance, it is a courage to shake the steering wheel on the bridge that resembles a 'roller coaster' rather than a bridge.
The bridge, which car manufacturers use to test their new design vehicles, has recently become one of the selected tracks in the tests of the "Tanto minivan" produced by Daihatsu Motor.

Günceleme: 24/12/2018 16:27

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