Evacuate the village for the high-speed train tunnel

Order to evacuate the village for the high speed train tunnel: 40 was notified of the transfer of the village 50 months in the 1-digit village, which had been transported due to landslides.

On the D-650 highway in Sakarya The residents of Kizilkaya village of 50, which is located on the banks of the Sakarya River near the Sakarya River, have recently resigned from the Geyve District. Empty until the end of April ”came the notification. Village residents appealed the verdict. Arriving in the region, Sakarya Provincial Disaster and Emergency Manager Huseyin Kaskas said the village was under the threat of landslides and asked them to evacuate the houses as soon as possible.

Transfer in 40 years ago

Village retired retired police officer Hizir Cakmakci said they were surprised at the decision to evacuate their houses and said: lar Our village 1975 was transferred to the current location on the grounds of landslide. The villagers were charged at the time of the 124 thousand liras. Now they want us to move a second time because it's a landslide. If there are landslides here, the reason is the tunnel to be built in the 40 meter of our village. The dynamite exploded, causing landslides. If this is the landslide area, why do they make the high-speed train tunnel here? Mad

I was asked for money!

The residents of the village stated that they would not be paid any price for their decision to evacuate their homes and said, ler Those of us who want to visit us will be asking for a house for the houses to be built. We don't understand how this works. We conveyed our distress to our President and Prime Minister yl and said that it was not possible for many villagers to pay this money. Some villagers, for the railway line tunnel, the contractor firm with the piled system, both the railway and the village said that they will be secured, "the firm said that the AFAD and Geyve District Governor wants to take us out of our homes, we think there are other things," he said.

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