High Speed ​​Train to be a locomotive for agriculture

Fast Train Agricultural Sector locomotive will be: Maritime Transport and Communications Former Minister AK Party Antalya deputy candidate Lutfi Elvan, noting Antalya's agricultural products in Turkey will four to one side speed train, in doing so he would not injure the transport company. Elvan, transport companies engaged in their own train sets to come together and carry their passengers noted.
Lütfi Elvan, together with AK Party Antalya Province President Rıza Sümer, visited the Antalya Commodity Exchange President Ali Çandır. Speaking during the visit, Ali Çandır, asked Antalya to be a city where income was increasing and investments increased.
Çandır underlined that they work on project basis in Antalya as a stock market, en We implemented an important project in the weaving area. 6. Local Products Fair. We have serious sensibilities in Antalya. Antalya for years by pouring concrete or by destroying nature, we could not create a center of attraction. Antalya's nature of the climate, protecting the environment to transfer them to the future is our debt, "he said.
Underlining that Antalya is a weighing city next to tourism, Çandır said olduğun 50 of the city is living with agriculture. We always demand positive discrimination in agriculture. Agriculture is a strategic sector. We express this in every environment. One in five people in this country still live in the agriculture sector. Bu
Çandır added that he expects serious investments in the name of keeping the nature clean.
Lütfi Elvan, the former Minister of Transport and Maritime Affairs and AK Party Antalya first-line deputy candidate, said that they are NGOs that have been intertwined with the chambers of commerce and industry for many years and produced projects together.
Elvan, who is one of the indispensable actors of the NGOs for democracy, reminded that he knew him closely both during his ministry and for his earlier duties.
Elvan who noted what problems Antalya has become chronic, Antalya
I'm going to go over these problems in the coming period. I came to serve. We are proud to be in cooperation with an NGO such as the commodity exchanges, to address the problems and to endeavor to solve their problems. Ticaret
In the agricultural areas of Antalya, a city brand voicing Elvan, "it takes first place in Turkey as of the agricultural production value. In the last 12 year, there were significant increases in Antalya's agricultural production value. 4-5 increased production value. For example, the agricultural production value of 2002 in 1.8 billion 9 billion today. The value of the crop production is near 2002 billion by 1.5 in 8. When we look at the live animal, 2002 has a production value of 169 million, but today it has risen to 1 billion liras. Briefly, there have been important developments in the field of agriculture and animal husbandry. We see the productivity increase. We see that there are significant increases in efficiency thanks to the supports we have given to irrigation investments. Su
Emphasizing that their goal is to go even further in agriculture, Elvan stated that they take measures to take down costs, and that the products produced in Antalya go to Central Anatolia, Marmara, and Eastern Anatolia. This is quite time consuming and costly. As a government, making Antalya a high speed train center will reduce transportation costs. Now transportation will be done by high-speed trains. products at the four corners of Turkey's high-speed trains will have the opportunity to ship. The product, which used to go by rail in 3-4 days, will now take a few hours to high-speed trains. ”
Elvan noted that they would build two high-speed train lines to Antalya. In 2016 we will hit the dig. The second line is the line connecting Antalya, Konya, Aksaray, Nevsehir, Kayseri. Agricultural production shipments will be much easier. There will be less damage on our roads. Heavy vehicles have negative effects on the highway, Ağır he said.
What will happen to companies in the transport sector? Özel We will allow the railway infrastructure to be used by the private sector, kesim said Elvan. So we will liberalize the use of railways. This will be done soon. Our transport companies will come together and carry their own cargoes with their own train sets. They will pay a fee only because they use the railway infrastructure. Bus companies. They're carrying a road somewhere. There will be similar companies in the railway. Both passenger and freight transport will be able to do. Necessary arrangements are completed. Regulations completed. Our people will open the railway infrastructure of our companies. Halk
Elvan stated that they are carrying out land consolidation works in the agricultural area and said:, In our main problem, we applied low cost and low cost projects to low cost. Off grid irrigation systems began to be used alongside Turkey's 4. Turkey in terms of agricultural production value ranks of xnumx'ünc in Europe, today Europe today 4. sır He said.
Emphasizing that agriculture is a strategic sector, Elvan said, bir
The importance of agriculture will increase. It is important to protect the environment and nature at this point. We have to protect them. If we do not protect, we cannot maintain our current position in tourism and other areas. Therefore, the protection of the environment and nature is extremely important. We will have measures and incentives for cities to grow horizontally and horizontally. To provide a more comfortable and more comfortable living environment. The preservation of historical textures and visibility of cities must be increased. L
Elvan said that tourism should not be seen as sea and coast, “Tourism should be diversified and 12 should be spread to the moon. Antalya is one of the leading cities with its historical and natural structure. Antalya industrial infrastructure is in good condition. But the agricultural potential should be further expanded in order to process and market these products. Im
Elvan underlines whether he has ever changed his feelings and thoughts, whether or not he has an election period or not, İster I will say it tomorrow. I told you I said that today. I share it every time. I am a person who loves my country and Antalya. I am proud and proud to serve my country. So I neglected my family from time to time. We do. But we have to work for this country. We'il all work together. Now, Turkey, crime, bucur, the right, left, right, then the party must go beyond them. The aim is to work and serve. We have to deal with them. Amaç
Elvan, then with the ATB management, the icon of Antalya, the Yivli Minare was taken with a souvenir photo.

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