Tajikistan-Turkmenistan-Afghanistan railway

tajikistan turkmenistan afghanistan railway
tajikistan turkmenistan afghanistan railway

Foreign Minister of Tajikistan Hamrahan Zarifi described the railway construction project that will connect his country with Afghanistan and Turkmenistan as, the steel ties of friendship Tac.

Zarifi, who made a statement to the Tajik press, stated that the implementation of the regional railway construction project connecting Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan would be a very important connection for the countries in the Asian continent, and stressed that the construction of this railway is ik steel ties of friendship Tac.

In this context, mentioning the importance of the geographical location of Tajikistan Zarifi, the country's West and East, South-East Asia and Europe at the intersection of roads that connect the countries, he said.

The fact that the implementation of this railway project will make an important contribution to the improvement of Afghanistan and the social-economic situation in this country will be an important contribution to the development of this project and to increase the volume of foreign trade between these countries and increase the volume of foreign trade between these countries. he said that employment would be provided and foreign investment would come.

Foreign Minister Zarifi also reminded that his country's foreign trade volume with neighboring Afghanistan and Turkmenistan has increased gradually and that this railway construction will be stimulated to further develop the cooperation between these countries.

The heads of state of Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Afghanistan, which came together in Ashgabat in March of this year, reached an agreement on the realization of the railway construction that would link these countries.

Tajikistan, which does not have a seafront, has some difficulties in the railway transportation that will connect other countries, but it has only one railway network passing through Uzbekistan.


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