MHP Konya Deputy Kalayci brought up the Konya New Ring Road Project

📩 24/12/2018 16:48

MHP Konya deputy Kalayci Konya New Ring Road Project was brought to the agenda: MHP Konya deputy Mustafa Kalayci, in his speech at the General Assembly of the Parliament KOP Action Plan and Konya New Ring Road Project was brought to the agenda.
In his speech, Kalaycı said, “I am asking our Minister of Development. What was the KOP Action Plan? You and Mr. Prime Minister have made statements that this year will be accepted, but still have not been released. In addition, an additional appropriation of only 1 billion lira was put in your Ministry budget for all regional development projects. How much of this will be given to KOP? Also, will there be a resource allocation through privatization revenues or other means? I also ask the Minister of Transport: Will the Konya New Ring Road Project enter the 2015 Investment Program? As you know, only 18 kilometers of it has been tendered. Will the promise of the Prime Minister of the period be fulfilled in 2012? ” asked questions. Development Minister Cevdet Yılmaz asked Kalaycı's question about the KOP Action Plan: “Let me just say that, in the KOP Action Plan, our action plan was accepted on the committee. As of the end of this year, I hope that we will be accepted at the supreme board. We are continuing our work ”. Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Lütfi Elvan said about the environment, “There was a question regarding the Konya ring road. We proposed to the investment program. Our Minister of Development is also here. Hopefully, Konya ring road will be in the 2015 Investment Program. ”

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