598 Mileage Will Fly Faster

The Maglev train, which works with magnetic levitation technology in Japan, can reach a speed of 598 kilometers per hour and break the speed record with its trial tomorrow.

Central Japan Raiway announced that the experiment would be carried out with the 43 wagon unit on the 7-kilometer magnetic levitation line in the Yamana province. The Japanese authorities are planning to launch the rail system 10 between Tokyo and Nagoya in 2027, which lifts the rail from the rails to around XNUMX with strong electromagnetic propulsion.

The magnetic rail train, which started operating in Shanghai, China for the first time in 2003, reached a speed of 501 kilometers per hour. In the speed trial of Central Japan Railway last week, the speed record was recorded as 590 kilometers per hour.

Maglev trains are faster than normal trains and their maintenance costs are lower because they operate without friction. In contrast, the system requires very powerful electromagnets and highly sensitive control systems. Current technological know-how is not advanced enough to allow the widespread use of these trains, which can harm the environment with excessive energy consumption. In this context, some companies in Germany, Japan, South Korea, the USA and China continue to work on magnetic levitation technology.



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