06 Ankara

Çayyolu subway burned in Beytepe

Çayyolu subway burned in Beytepe: Teams affiliated to Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department carried out rescue exercises in Çayyolu subway. In response to the train burning at Beytepe station due to the scenario [more…]


RayHABER Four Years Old

RayHABER Push the age of four: the developments made in the field of rail systems in Turkey and around the world, instantly, and the correct way to do news was perceived as a social responsibility project and [more…]


Fake SAMKART Scandal in Sams

Samsunda Fake SAMKART Scandal: It was revealed that the fake of SAMKART, which was used in almost every stage of transportation, especially the rail system in Samsun, was launched. SAMKART was copied in Samsun and [more…]


divided highways in Turkey

divided highways in Turkey: Highways There are 480 kilometers of divided highway in Afyonkarahisar according to data from the General Directorate. According to the data collected from the General Directorate of Highways, as of 1 January 2014 [more…]

35 Izmir

Izmir market

Life market in the Izmir subway: Those who want to call an ambulance for the citizen who fell from the ladder experienced a panic because the phones did not pick up from Çanakkale Metro Station while they were running to catch the train. [more…]