16 Bursa

Lightning stage of the nostalgic tram

The judiciary said stop to the Lightning stage of the nostalgic tram: While Bursa traffic was trying to get used to the nostalgic tram, a surprise decision came from the Bursa 2nd Administrative Court. The court ordered the execution of the 2nd stage tram lines in Yıldırım and [more…]

34 Istanbul

President speaks at opening of Konya-Istanbul YHT line

Erdoğan's speech at the opening ceremony of the Konya-Istanbul YHT line: Following the statements of Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, President Erdogan addresses the public at the opening of the Konya-Istanbul high-speed train line… Highlights from President Erdogan's statements; CONDITIONS TO PAKISTAN PEOPLE [more…]

34 Istanbul

Found in Taksim subway

The girl who disappeared in Taksim Metro was found: The 21-year-old Moldovan Ana Gore, who disappeared from her mother's side in Istanbul, where she came for a holiday, was found in Bakırköy Psychiatric and Neurological Diseases Hospital. Living in Istanbul for 15 years and Turkish [more…]

07 Antalya

Ski course for the deaf

Ski Course for the Hearing Impaired: Antalya Skiing Specialized Youth and Sports Club has started to bring together hearing impaired, mentally retarded and visually impaired children and young people in ski courses. Headed by Bülent Nevcanoğlu [more…]

44 UK

The banker who runs a train without a ticket

Disqualification for the banker who travels by train without a ticket: A banker working in London, the capital of England, was banned from the profession because he did not buy a full ticket while traveling to and from the city center by train. international investment institution [more…]

34 Istanbul

4 hours with Konya-Istanbul YHT 15 minutes

4 hours 15 minutes with Konya-Istanbul YHT: High Speed ​​​​Train between Konya-Istanbul starts its services today. Travel time between the two cities will be reduced to 4 hours and 15 minutes. Lütfi, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications [more…]


The Necklace of Kızılırmak, Şahruh Bridge is Repaired

The Necklace of Kızılırmak Sahruh Bridge Is Being Repaired: In Kayseri, the Sahruh Bridge and its surroundings on the Kızılırmak will be repaired by the Sarıoğlan District Governorate and the municipality and used in various activities. It is located in Kayseri, on the Kızılırmak and has a history of 530 years. [more…]

istanbul izmir highway

Istanbul Izmir Highway Project

Deutsche Bank made a refinancing offer for the first phase financing package of the Istanbul Izmir highway project. The consortium, which undertook the project, sat down again with 8 Turkish banks and the loan was renewed with lower interest. [more…]


Brussels responds to highway toll debate

Brussels responded to the toll debate: Brussels has declared the tolling of the German Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt illegal. Dobrindt (CSU), on the other hand, stated that he was not affected by the criticisms from Brussels and said: [more…]


Hatayda highway safety meeting

Highway safety meeting in Hatay: A highway safety meeting was held in Hatay under the chairmanship of Governor Ercan Topaca. The meeting held at the Governor's Office Tayfur Sökmen Meeting Hall started with the opening speech of Topaca. In the meeting, by ensuring inter-institutional coordination, traffic [more…]


Artillery Brigade Road will relax city traffic

Artillery Brigade Road will relieve city traffic: Construction works of the 57th Artillery Brigade Road, which will connect Captain İbrahim Hakkı Street to Manisa Road, are continuing rapidly in cooperation with the Metropolitan Municipality and Bornova Municipality. Bornova Municipality [more…]


Kamberli bridge restored

Kamberli Bridge was restored: Restoration work was completed at the historic Kanberli Bridge, which was used as a caravan route in the past on the Harşit stream in the Canca neighborhood of Gümüşhane. Adem Yılmaz, the headman of the neighborhood, [more…]


3. they invented for the airport

made for the airport: 3. airport overpass will also end the discovery of disasters. EMK Group has developed a push damper for trucks that cannot open a damper in clay and rough terrain. The largest in the world [more…]


Sakarya: 2 people struck by Adaray, died

2 people killed by Adaray in Sakarya: In Adapazarı district of Sakarya, two university students, one of whom was hit by Adaray, died. According to the information received, the suburban train carrying passengers between the city center and Arifiye district is at the Donatım level. [more…]