34 Istanbul

Found in Taksim subway

Missing girl was found in Taksim Metro: 21-year-old Moldovan Ana Gore, who disappeared from her mother in Istanbul, where she came for the holiday, was found in Bakırköy Mental and Neurological Diseases Hospital. In Istanbul [more…]

07 Antalya

Ski course for the deaf

Ski course for the hearing impaired: Antalya Ski Specialized Youth and Sports Club to bring together hearing-impaired, mentally handicapped and visually impaired children and young people in ski courses [more…]


Repairing of Şahruh Bridge

Kızılırmak's Choker Şahruh Bridge is Being Repaired: In Kayseri, the Şahruh Bridge and its surroundings on Kızılırmak will be repaired by the Municipality of Sarıoğlan and used by various municipalities. Located in Kayseri, on Kızılırmak [more…]

istanbul izmir highway

Istanbul Izmir Highway Project

Istanbul Izmir highway project: Deutsche Bank offered refinancing to the first phase financing package of the Istanbul Izmir highway project. The consortium that undertook the project again with 8 Turkish banks [more…]


Hatayda highway safety meeting

Highways safety meeting in Hatay: A highways safety meeting was held in Hatay under the chairmanship of Governor Ercan Topaca. The meeting, held at the Governor's Tayfur Sökmen Meeting Hall, started with the opening speech of Topaca. At the meeting, [more…]