For the First Time in Hot Springs

📩 24/12/2018 16:48

First time in the district of Kale Hot Asphalt Paving is being done: Malatya Metropolitan Municipality, the district of Kale Salkımlı and Tepebaşı neighborhoods solve the problem of asphalt.
The 1400 meter-long 6 meter-wide road connecting the two neighborhoods to the Kale district was started to be paved by the teams of the Metropolitan Municipality Road and Infrastructure Coordination Department.
According to the information given on the paving study, the bottom road studies on the road in question, corrected the unstable road, the road route to prevent the tree branches are blocked, and then the paver with hot asphalt starting, the 800 meter was completed.
Salkımlı and Tepebaşı The Metropolitan Municipality, which continues to pave the asphalt pavement in the rest of the neighborhood road, will be asphalted as the 3500 meter road in the Kale district under the plans. The roads of other neighborhoods in the Kale district will be paved in the framework of the 2015 investment program.
Thanks to the neighborhood residents
The residents of the neighborhood stated that asphalt paving was done with a paver machine for the first time in their neighborhood; “After a long break, our roads are paved. We are very satisfied with the work. We got rid of the mud of the winter and the dust of the summer. In addition, we have seen that the asphalt realized with the Paver machine is of very high quality. They said, "We would like to thank the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Ahmet Çakır, who brought this service to our district."

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