06 Ankara

New Times of High-Speed ​​Trains


Intercity Railways

They attacked the train with stones

They attacked the train with stones: Zehra Toy, 58, who was traveling by train in Denizli, was injured when a piece of marble thrown from outside broke the glass and hit his forehead. Toy was taken to the hospital with 6 stitches on his head and was discharged. Last week in Aydın [more…]

16 Bursa

YHT from Konya to Izmir, Bursa and Sivas

YHT from Konya to Izmir, Bursa and Sivas: Transport, Maritime and Communications Minister Lütfi Elvan said, 'We have 2800 kilometers of high-speed train and high-speed train lines that we continue. With the completion of these lines, it takes 3 hours and 40 minutes from Konya to Izmir, [more…]


Here is the route of İzmit tram line

Here is the route of the Izmit tram line: The route of the highly anticipated tram has been announced. The tram line, which will start behind the Bus Station, will be connected to Seka Park via Şehabettin Bilgisu Street. Go to Related Gallery İzmit city by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality [more…]


Project drawing tender for tram store

A project drawing tender was held for the warehouse of the tram: A company participated in the tender held by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality for the preparation of the tram depot project. Tramway warehouse area by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department Rail Systems Branch Directorate [more…]


Orhangazide Pavement Works

Orhangazide Pavement Works: Pavement and asphalt works have started in the Orhangazi district of Bursa, where the infrastructure has been completed. Metropolitan Municipality and Orhangazi Municipality teams had recently started paving works on İstiklal Street. Asphalt work is Erenler Street [more…]

01 Adana

Adyada asphalt thieves get rushed

In Adana, asphalt thieves were red-handed: The first corruption operation regarding the new period was organized by KOM today to Seyhan Municipality of CHP. 9 people allegedly stealing asphalt material by forging documents on the construction site of Adana's central CHP, Seyhan District Municipality [more…]

Asphalt News

Tarsus And New Roads Renewed

Tarsus and Yenisee Roads Renewed: Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science Affairs teams, Tarsus district and Yenice in the streets and streets asphalt work renewed roads. According to the written statement made by the Metropolitan Municipality, the Department of Science Affairs [more…]


Silvanda road work

Road work in Silvan: The city crossing pavement works of the Diyarbakır-Silvan highway, which was tendered by the 9th Regional Directorate of Highways in the Silvan district of Diyarbakır, started. Company official Murat Kalkan, locked cobblestone pavement at 3,5 meters of the 900-kilometer road in Silvan [more…]


Cildikısık longed for his bridge

Cildikısık Acquired the Bridge He Longed for: Mehmet Uzun, the General Secretary of the Special Administration, made examinations on the road connection of the bridge that will connect the Çukurca Village Cildikısık neighborhood to the highway. Uzun accompanying him and Forest Operations Manager Mehmet [more…]


HGS crossing violations suspended

HGS crossing violations has been suspended: Drivers and Vehicle Turkey Federation (TŞOF) has issued circulars on the problems experienced in the transition HGS. The circular, which was published after the meeting between General Directorate of Highways and TFAF, summarized as follows: [more…]


Transist 2014 Begins Tomorrow

Transistors 2014 Begins Tomorrow: Turkey 143 years of public transportation that is the only institution covered by IETT Transportation Week activities will be held the 7th International Trade Fair for Transport Technology. Transist 19 Starts on 20-2014 December 143 in Istanbul for XNUMX years [more…]


85 km Northern Motorway Project not finished in 41 months

The 85 km Northern Motorway Project has not finished for 41 months: Moroğlu submitted a parliamentary question to the Turkish Grand National Assembly about the Northern Motorway Project, which is one of the 2011 projects promised by the AKP to the people of Izmir before the 35 elections and turned into a snake story. Izmir [more…]

31 Netherlands

Germany Dutch drivers burnt

Germany Dutch drivers will burn fires: bad news from Germany to some Dutch drivers who charge some highways. If Dutch drivers forget to pay the toll in Germany, they will have to pay 280 euro with the penalty. ADAC made the statement by the German Automobile Association, [more…]


3. Sarıyer Municipality is cleaning the bridge

The bridge is polluting Sarıyer Municipality is cleaning it: 3. During the works carried out in Uskumruköy Neighborhood within the scope of the Bosphorus Bridge and Northern Marmara Motorway Project, as a result of the excavation trucks falling on the road or sticking to their wheels, they are thrown to the highway, putting the traffic at risk and the ground becomes slippery. [more…]

07 Antalya

The fast train dream of Antalya finally came true

Antalya's high-speed train dream finally came true: Sadık Badak, AK Party Antalya Deputy, said that the high-speed train dream, which the people of Antalya are waiting impatiently, finally came true. High-speed train that will play an important role in increasing the tourism and trade potential of Antalya [more…]


Every car owner will pay the toll in Germany

In Germany, every vehicle owner will pay the toll fee: With the law adopted in the Federal Council of Ministers in Germany, from 2016 on, highways and federal roads (Bundesstrasse) will be paid. Each vehicle owner will pay an annual vignette fee of 130 Euros. Drivers living in Germany [more…]

34 Istanbul

14 cities to be connected by High Speed ​​Train

14 cities to be interconnected by High Speed ​​Train: With the High Speed ​​Train line opened by Erdoğan and Davutoğlu, the distance between Istanbul and Konya has decreased to 4 hours, the target is 37 cities covering 14 million. With the inaugurated YHT line, 10-11 by bus [more…]


Nostalgic buses show off

Nostalgic buses are on display: “Transist 143 2014th International Transportation Technologies Symposium and Fair, organized by IETT, which has a history of 7 years in Istanbul, as part of Public Transportation Week activities this year, is starting tomorrow. Nostalgic buses will be showcased at the fair. Fair [more…]