994 Azerbaijan

BTK Railway Line Project Has Ended

BTK Railway Line Project Has Come to an End: 2008 percent of the works on the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway Line Project, which started to be built in 83 and will connect China and London through Marmaray after its completion, have been completed. to the construction [more…]


Message from TCDD General Manager Karaman

3 December Day of Persons with Disabilities Message from TCDD General Manager Karaman: TCDD; It takes all necessary measures to encourage disabled citizens to benefit from fundamental rights and freedoms and to ensure their active participation in social life. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Offices flew in the subway

Offices flew where the metro passed: According to the researches carried out in Istanbul in recent years, office rents in Kağıthane and Ümraniye officially flew. The reason was shown as its proximity to metro lines. Consulting services on commercial real estate [more…]

Asphalt News

Asphalt left banner

Asphalt was left on the banner: Metropolitan Municipality two years before the asphalt pending Sivas Street two months ago 'asphalt work' hopes with the banner Pamuklar Neighborhood residents, wanted to work on the banner. Waiting for asphalt for years [more…]

Asphalt News

60 crewed asphalt work

60 teamed asphalt work: Metropolitan Municipality; 18 in the city center, 42 in the new districts that are newly joined in the area of ​​responsibility, with a total of 60 teams, doing new maintenance and material maintenance work. [more…]


Wire Mesh Taken to Hamsu Bridge

Wire Mesh on Hamsu Bridge: Wire mesh was drawn on the edges of Hamsu Bridge in Hürriyet neighborhood of Bilecik. Approximately 150 meters connecting Eskişehir İstanbul highway and city center by Bilecik Branch Directorate of Highways. [more…]

Asphalt News

Between Kars and Arpaçay 10 Day Off Road

10 Day Between Kars-Arpaçay Asphalt Road Breaked Down: Kars-Arpaçay highway asphalt, which was tendered by the Regional Directorate of Highways in Kars and whose works could not be completed, was completed and 12-15 opened to traffic the day before. [more…]


Governor Zahteroğulları intersections

Governor Zahteroğulları took the intersections: After several consecutive accidents at some points in our province, Bolu Governor Ahmet Zahteroğulları, re-work at the specified intersections Roads 4. He asked the Regional Directorate. Most of the accidents in our city [more…]


Conference on Logistics at Cumhuriyet University

A Conference on Logistics was Held in Cü: A conference called 'Expectations of the Logistics Sector from Students and the Last Point of Logistics' was held at Cumhuriyet University (CU). CU Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences International Trade and Logistics [more…]


Ereğlide Bridge Construction Works

Ereğlide Bridge Construction Works: The construction of the bridge which was damaged and destroyed by the flood disaster in Ormanlı town of Ereğli district was started. Forested Mayor Bayram Basol, AA correspondent [more…]

81 Japan

300 In Japan Passed On The Train Due To Snowfall

300 Passengers Stuck on the Train Due to Snowfall in Japan: It was reported that 300 passengers were stranded on the road for five hours when the electricity of the train was cut off in the Yamagata province in the northwest of Japan. Over power lines due to heavy snowfall [more…]


IETTye fee per stall offer

Fee offer per stop to İETT: Let tariffs be applied according to the number of stops in İETT and Public Buses” Kösedağı from CHP presented a proposal that will partially relieve the citizens of Istanbul: “In İETT and Public Buses [more…]

7 Kazakhstan

Iran-Turkmenistan-Kazakhstan railway line opened

Iran-Turkmenistan-Kazakhstan railway line opened: The Iran-Turkmenistan-Kazakhstan international train line was put into service with a ceremony attended by the presidents of the three countries. In a press release from the Iranian Embassy in Ankara, Iran-Turkmenistan-Kazakhstan international train line, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, Turkmenistan [more…]

34 Istanbul

Erkeskin Re-elected as President of UTİKAD

Erkeskin Re-elected as the President of UTİKAD: 32, International Transport and Logistics Service Producers Association. Turgut Erkeskin was re-elected as the President of UTİKAD at the Ordinary General Assembly. In the selection made with a single list, 2010 [more…]