ilgaz dormitory hill ski center was opened to service
18 Cankiri

Snow Problem at Ilgaz Mountain Ski Resort

Snow Trouble in Ilgaz Mountain Ski Center: The fact that it has not snowed yet in Ilgaz Mountain, one of Turkey's most important ski resorts, had a negative impact on New Year's Eve reservations. As New Year's Eve approaches, there is a shortage of snow in the Ilgaz Mountain Ski Center. Turkey [more…]


At Least% 51 Native Charter for New HRC Sets

At least 51 percent domestic requirement will be sought for the new YHT Sets: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Elvan, awarded the tender for the industrial and engineering design of the national high-speed train on January 22, 2015. [more…]


Tunc: Kurucaşile Road Tender To Be Done

Deputy Tunç: Kurucaşile Road Tender Yapılacak.Ak Party Bartın Deputy Yilmaz Tunc Bartin-Çakraz-Kurucaşile for the remaining part of the road construction tender and road works will be carried out quickly, he said. Bartın Deputy Yilmaz [more…]


Destroyed the Bridge Bridge School

Destroyed Bridge Children Leaving School: In recent days, due to the effective rainy weather throughout the country, some of our regions were affected negatively by these rains. Kahramanmaraş was one of these regions. STUDENTS SCHOOL [more…]


No harmony in HGS and OGS

There is still no compliance in HGS and OGS: The system of tying up tolls that will eliminate the hassle of drivers moving in separate directions for the HGS and OGS lane, although close to a year has passed [more…]


The barrier is installed after the car flew

After the car flew, the barrier was put up: While quickly turning the bend on the Sarıyer Maslak Bridge, the car that fell on the TEM Highway because there was no barrier turned into scrap. While the driver of the car was injured in the accident, highway crews after the incident kazantook place [more…]

02 Adiyaman

Subcontracted workers block road in Adıyaman

Subcontracted workers blocked the road in Adıyaman: In Adıyaman, the subcontracted workers working in the 87th Branch of the Highways took action by blocking the Adıyaman-Kahta highway, claiming that they were not included in the staff despite the court decision. Highway Department Chief worker [more…]


Highways Team Collects Human Bones from the Road

Highways Team Collected Human Bone from the Road: Human bones were found during the excavations carried out by the highway teams in the Lapseki district of Çanakkale during the road work carried out on the Çanakkale-Bursa Highway today. The bones were collected by city crews. [more…]


What will be the Ataturk Airport?

What will happen to Atatürk Airport: The Minister announced that the Minister of Transport, Lütfi Elvan, said that Atatürk Airport will continue to operate together with the 3rd airport. Minister Elvan, the allegations about Atatürk Airport, “3. with the airport [more…]


Road Transport Agreement with Slovakia Signed

Black Road Transport Agreement has been signed with Slovakia: International Passengers and Goods by Road Transport Agreement was signed between Slovakia and Turkey. Turkey Agreements on behalf of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Lutfi Elvan, [more…]


Learn traffic rules in school yard

They will learn the traffic rules in the schoolyard: With the "Every School is a Traffic Track Project" prepared by the Trabzon Provincial Police Department, primary school students get on the battery-operated toy vehicles and follow the traffic rules. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Battery chargers for disabled people in Istanbul

Battery charging units for disabled people were placed in the subways in Istanbul: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality implemented another service to make the lives of disabled citizens easier. Battery charging to metro stations in order to ensure uninterrupted transportation of people with disabilities [more…]

32 Belgium

Belgian railway unions launch strike

Railway unions in Belgium launch strike: In Belgium, railway workers protest 24 hourly strikes, protesting government salary cuts under austerity measures. 3800 is in the country with the strike of the working union of which the conductor is a member [more…]


New Trams of the Sector

Konya's New Tramways: "Dear passengers, please proceed to the back" is not one of us who has not heard the announcement… Our trams, which bear 50 percent or more of our city's public transport load, continue to be renewed. 60 grains [more…]