18 Cankiri

Snow Distortion at Ilgaz Mountain Ski Resort

Ilgaz Mountain Ski Center in Snow Shortage: yet the snow falls on Mount Ilgaz Turkey's prominent ski centers, Christmas has affected negatively the reservation. As New Year approaches, there is snow shortage at Ilgaz Mountain Ski Center. military with Turkey Ski Federation [more…]

35 Izmir

They forgot the displacement of the infrastructure in the Izmir Tram project

This time, they forgot the displacement of the infrastructure in the İzmir Tramway project: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality added a new one to its forgetfulness in the metro and New Fairground projects. While the tram project is being procured, it is revealed that the routes that the line will pass through are not placed in the tender file of the infrastructure displacements. [more…]


Destroyed the Bridge Bridge School

The collapsed bridge was separated from the school: In recent days, because of the rainy weather in the country, some of our regions have been affected negatively by these rains. One of these regions was Kahramanmaraş. STUDENTS did not attend school in Kahramanmaraş last night effective [more…]


Interchange on the International Road at Erbaa

Interchange on the International Road at Erbaa: The crossroad over the International D-100 Highway, which has caused many accidents in the Erbaa district of Tokat, is planned to make a crossroad intersection with an investment of 20 million TL. The International D-100 Highway passing through the center of Erbaa [more…]


No harmony in HGS and OGS

There is still no fit in the HGS and OGS: The system of joining the toll booths, which will eliminate the need for drivers to go in separate directions for the HGS and the OGS lane, could not be implemented even though it was close to a year. Fatih Sultan only [more…]


The barrier is installed after the car flew

After the car flew the barrier: Sarıyer Maslak Bridge quickly turns the curve, the barrier to the TEM Motorway returned to the scrap because there is no barrier. While the car driver was injured in the accident, after the incident, the highways teams put the barrier to the point where the accident occurred. Event Maslak [more…]