4 will connect the big province: lobby time for fast train bridge in the Gulf

4 will connect the big province: lobby time for the high-speed train bridge in the Gulf: To be honest büyük We were excited to read the statements of Transport Minister Lütfi Elvan in Dünya Newspaper.
Minister Elvan states that the world's longest suspension bridge will be built to the Dardanelles Strait in order to enable the trucks coming from Anatolia to go to Europe without entering Istanbul.
Proje The project work of this bridge was completed. I instructed my friends to pass a railway line through this bridge. The project is being revised. Proje
The 5 years that have passed through these lines have been revived in our eyes.
In 2009, when he was the President of the Chamber of Civil Engineers, he started with the addendum of Necati Şahin. Binali Yildirim, the Minister of Transport of the period, as a result of the application of the consortium to increase the cost of the construction of the railway bridge from the Bay Bridge was removed as a result.
The cost of removing the railway line from the bridge would of course decrease, but the fact that the high-speed train project between Bursa and Istanbul fell into the sea.
As the President of İMO carrying the issue on the agenda Sahin warned:
İstanbul Land is problematic in Mekece region where Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train will pass. This line is shorter and safer if it is connected to the bridge over Yenisehir. Bu
He also added:
Gelecek The İzmir-İstanbul high-speed train project will definitely come to the fore. The Bay Bridge is important for that project. O
Further, it reminded me of the Istanbul-Antalya high-speed train.
In that process O
Labor and Social Security Minister Faruk Celik, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, "If necessary we will make the second bridge for the railway" had promised.
Now is…
Erdoğan, who says that a bridge can be made for the railway and has a feasibility instruction, today governs the country as President. Faruk Çelik continues to work. There is Lütfi Elvan who added a railway line to the Çanakkale Bridge.
The railway line to the Bay Bridge escaped, but we have the opportunity for a separate railway bridge.
The reason is also N
The high speed train from Ankara to Eskişehir at a speed of 250 goes down to the speed of 50 in some places between Bozüyük and Bilecik.
In that respect O
There is a full lobby time for the railway bridge to the Gulf.
Both the Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train, the Istanbul-Bursa line and the Istanbul-Izmir high-speed train project on the agenda are the fate of this bridge.
It is also a great advantage to have a Transport Minister in charge of supporting the railway line on the bridge.
You should not miss this opportunity.

Source : Ahmet Emin Yılmaz



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