The high-speed train is coming to Izmir, auspicious auspicious

The high-speed train is coming to Izmir, auspicious auspicious: Prime Minister Yildirim, Ankara, the speed of the high-speed train from Afyon to Uşak is moving confidently. The high-speed train is coming to Izmir, good luck. Do not think that the crazy project of Izmir is coming.

Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım came to Izmir for the first time after his position as prime minister. Prime Minister Binali Yildirim's speech is as follows:

We will now save Izmir from service deprivation. We'll finish the 35 project we started.

We are proud of Kemal Pasha, we are proud of Izmir. The turning point of my life for me is March of 2011. I was a little worried when I was nominated for a deputy from Izmir. I'm going to a city I don't know, I've never been before. What am I going to face? However, when I saw this enthusiasm, I said, uy Izmir is my city oş.

Let's not say Izmir. Izmir is a city where the first bullet thrown, Izmir is a city that laid the foundations of the Republic of Turkey. But unfortunately in the last 20 years in Izmir unfortunately could not complete the development. Izmir is left behind. But do not worry, we will eliminate your service deficit and Izmir are determined to make the province again competing with Istanbul.

We have completed the motorway, Osmangazi Bridge, which connects Izmir to Istanbul and 30 will open in June. Good luck. 2 will be finished in Bursa-Izmir year after year. Thus, we will be in Istanbul in less than 3.

The sound of the high-speed train from Ankara is moving forward from Afyon to Usak. High-speed train also comes to Izmir, auspicious good luck. Don't think that Izmir's crazy project is coming. Just as we did the Konak Tunnel, we will surely make the Gulf pass. With Konak KarşıyakaWe will unite with each other.

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