New route of Bursa high-speed train line

The new route of the Bursa high-speed train line: There is no doubt among the government investments made in Bursa that the most important one is the high-speed train project. A significant change was made in the Yenişehir route of the high-speed train that will connect the city to Ankara. near the water tank and the other two stations to be made at the airport was announced and this situation created great joy in the district.

However, the previous day, in the statement, Bilecik-Yenisehir high-speed railway route and the geographical structure of the ground is not suitable for the cancellation of this line was mentioned. So two stations in Yenişehir, the project was removed from this stage. Thus, the new route of the high-speed train will reach Bursa by passing through Çayırlı Village, which is the same distance from Yenişehir and İnegöl.

However, there is no exact decision on this issue. Hence, it will be decided whether the new route will be suitable after the work done. If this route is found to be suitable, the fast train will be closer to İnegöl, which has moved away from Yenişehir.
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Due to natural conditions, the Yenişehirliler is experiencing the shock of changing the route, while İnegöllüler is experiencing the happiness of having a high-speed train next to the districts.

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