Mercedes-Benz trucks at Logitrans Fair

Mercedes-Benz trucks at the Logitrans Fair: This year, 8.defa show held in the Mercedes-Benz Turkish attractive segment exhibited in the segment.
Mercedes-Benz Türk exhibited the most preferred vehicles of the sector at Logitrans - International Transport Logistics Fair, which was held at Istanbul Expo Center between 19-21 November.
The company took part in the 'Logitrans Fair' in order to show that it is next to the logistics sector and to introduce its vehicles and services in detail. Mercedes-Benz Turk also highlighted the Benz Reman lar service, which means that the renewed engines are offered with the Mercedes-Benz guarantee.

This year, 8.defa held in the exhibition, Mercedes-Benz Turkish attractive segment; Axor 1840 LS, Actros 1844 LS and Actros 1841 LSNRL models were presented to the visitors throughout the exhibition. Turkey's range of products that can meet all the needs of the transport and logistics sector the leading sector of the Mercedes-Benz Turk, garnered all the attention during the fair.
Mercedes-Benz Axor and Actros tractor from the truck to the tractor symbol and locomotive
Mercedes-Benz Turkish Marketing and Sales Manager Suer Sulun, who came together with the visitors and the press members at the fair stand, said: ve We keep abreast of the needs of the logistics sector and offer products to the market in time and continue our success in the cooperation with the logistics sector. Turkey is growing day by day in the car park, the proportion of the fleet is growing and getting younger car park. The Turkish logistics fleet is one of the leading fleets in Europe. Its entrepreneurial spirit and dynamism are very high. We are also pleased to contribute to our customers as the industry's leading supplier and we are pleased to be at this fair. Biz
Truck Marketing and Sales Manager Bahadır Özbayır said, dan Today we can proudly say that as Mercedes-Benz Türk, we have become the locomotive and engine of the truck from our truck with Axor and Actros. Last year, the new Mercedes-Benz 10.000 units in this attractive sector took place. We are having a successful year again this year. Our goal is to contribute to the healthy growth of the Turkish logistics sector with our products and services. We are glad to meet again with the logistics sector at this fair. Bu Transportation infrastructure of the increase and will be the logistics sector healing investment with the Turkish logistics sector Özbay rapidly that they are expecting growth in the future, a much larger volume than was expressed both in Turkey may be mentioned more powerful logistics sector in the international arena.
Mercedes-Benz tractors are also advantageous for bulk cargo transportation
The low-chassis Mercedes-Benz Actros 1841 LSNRL, which is called full pony exhibited at the fair, is among the most preferred vehicles in international transportation. The fifth wheel height 950 mm offers significant advantages to logistics companies in the area of ​​bulk cargo transportation.
In addition to the outstanding performance and quality in the market, the Mercedes-Benz Axor 2 LS model, which is among the highest value vehicles in 1840.El, continues to be the most preferred Mercedes-Benz brand with its economic service costs and flexible application areas.
Under the controlled test conditions, a mass production Actros 40 LS BlueTec 1844 with a total weighing weight of 5 tons was able to fall below the fuel consumption value of "100 liters per 20 kilometers", which is seen as a record in transportation. With this value, Mercedes-Benz Actros broke the world record and made its name in the Guinness Book of Records as the “world's least fuel-consuming 40-ton truck”.
"Ramen" with the engine application a first in Turkey
Mercedes-Benz Türk ensures that old truck engines are renewed at the Mannheim Factory in Germany with Mercedes-Benz expertise. English "Remanufacture" sözcüMercedes-Benz Türk, which provides high performance at an affordable price thanks to the "Reman" process, which means reproduction as its abbreviated version, gives "Reman" engine users unlimited mileage, spare parts and labor warranty for 1 year.
Mercedes-Benz Türk allows its users who prefer the “Reman” application to start their vehicles and kazanyeast keeps them going. While the engine of the vehicle is processed in Germany, the new engine from Mercedes-Benz Turk stocks can be delivered immediately.
Lar Reman kullan under the application of trucks, instead of buying a new engine 3 1 price renewed engines can use safely. Furthermore, users who prefer bulunuy Reman ”also contribute to the environment and clean future as they provide new raw materials and energy savings.

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