Pay attention to the fuel you use for a clean future!

Pay attention to the fuel you use for a clean future
Pay attention to the fuel you use for a clean future

In recent years, environmental pollution has reached a level that threatens the health of people and other living things. Especially in big cities where the number of vehicles is intense, air pollution and serious health problems have begun to be observed. World Health Organization, 4,2 million people died due to air pollution-related illnesses announced. the world's leading stating that 4 coincided with times the number of people who lost their lives in traffic accidents this figure LPG conversion kit manufacturer BRC Turkey CEO Kadir Knitter, "Air pollution is one of the biggest problems in many cities where traffic is dense. Particles emitted from diesel and gasoline vehicles are among the main factors causing air pollution. In addition, diesel vehicles are the most polluting vehicles with 20 emissions. Therefore, people should prefer vehicles that work with alternative fuels such as LPG and natural gas. Çevre

Particulate matter released from diesel vehicles, nitrogen dioxide and ground-level ozone are generally considered to be two pollutants threatening human health in general. High levels of exposure to these pollutants for a long time have a wide range of effects, from adverse effects on the respiratory system to premature death. World Health Organization by the reports of the damage to human health and the environment revealed by diesel cars, more danger than smoking.

We our environment with diesel vehicles into the air they give polluting gases and particles left and indicating air polluting BRC Turkey CEO Kadir Knitter, "World Health Organization, the inhabitants of the Earth 10 people from 9 warns that dirty air. Air pollution has become the biggest problem of many traffic-intensive cities. Particles emitted from motor vehicles are among the factors that cause air pollution. Diesel vehicles emit 20 times more particles and are poisonous air. For this reason, diesel vehicles in the traffic is serious danger. 15 m3, the daily need of a person, can turn clean air into a dangerous diesel car in a single 10 minute. In addition, the use of diesel cars and a very old model of air pollution increases twice as much. '' He said. He also made important statements about LPG fuel and said, “LPG is a fuel type that is encouraged by many countries as a fuel that does not harm the environment and human health compared to other fossil fuels. Vehicles using LPG due to the nature of about 1 million tons less carbon dioxide each year in Turkey (CO2) emissions is carried out, the energy generated per carbon released from LPG is higher compared to other fuels. "He said.

The world's largest automobile brands prefer BRC

With its market share, BRC, the world's leading auto gas systems company, is represented in the country and 70 is represented as the world's giants of the auto industry: Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Audi, Volkswagen, Peugeot, Chevrolet, Citroen, Ford, Kia, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Suzuki, Daihatsu, Many automobile companies such as Fiat and Honda produce models with factory-fitted BRC LPG systems.

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