Istanbul to Win with Metro

Istanbul to win with Metro: Istanbul, 2020 10 billion euros until the year targeted to make investments in the metros, reported that the city will provide significant contributions to the energy and economy.

In the big cities where transportation is the most important problem, metro and rail systems greatly relax the traffic, and are becoming the most attractive choice with the environment friendly features. Especially in Istanbul, 2020 billion euros by 10 until the targeted metros, the city will provide significant contributions in terms of energy and economy reported.

ITU Rail Systems Engineering Head of Department Dr. Mehmet Turan Söylemez, fast, disabled-friendly, integrated and sustainable metro investments are needed more than ever, noting that the investments in the metro will be more important in the coming years pointed out. As well as being an important tool to solve the traffic problem of the subways, he added that he contributed a great deal to the national economy, he said:

Emisyon Especially in cities with heavy traffic such as Istanbul, metros provide time to citizens and help reduce carbon emissions because they are environmentalist. Today, every step in Istanbul to relieve the traffic is vital. In this sense, metros are the greatest savior of Istanbulites. Moreover, the subways do not only save the time from traffic or save time; it also saves fuel, road maintenance and repair costs. Looking at the annual calculations, the savings rate corresponds to a significant number. In other words, investments in metros will bring Istanbullu in every sense. Lar

Rail systems will play a major role in energy efficiency

Emphasizing that the energy resources are gradually decreasing, however, the energy need is constantly increasing. Dr. He emphasized that the issue of energy has become the biggest problem in the world. Not to say, many countries have developed new policies on energy, stating, ı recently Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu'nun economy package announced by the energy efficiency and energy saving issues such as came on the agenda again. With the use of rail systems such as metro, transportation can be the biggest energy saving in the country. Ulaşım

Housing prices may see increases

Metros said that they had a positive impact on housing projects in the regions where they are located. Dr. Mehmet Turan Söylemez, ıyla With the widespread usage of rail systems, many regions will gain value. Neighborhoods with a metro stop nearby will make it more attractive to have housing in that area. Moreover, depending on the proximity to subways, there may be serious price increases in housing prices in many regions. Bun

Istanbul MetroRail Forum and Exhibition

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), Istanbul Transportation Inc., Tunneling Association Metro Working Group, Trade Twinning Association and the Association of Infrastructure and Trenchless Technologies with the support of 9-10 April 2015 ünel Istanbul MetroRail Forum and Exhibition ediy in the environment, fast, Söylemez stated that they will shed light on the disabled friendly, integrated and sustainable metro investments,, In the forum to be held in Istanbul, administrations, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and other stakeholders will come together. In addition, many new and existing projects will be offered during the forum. “Istanbul MetroRail Forum and Exhibition Forum will be an event not to be missed for Istanbulites, as it will address the transportation problem of metros and will also be the center of life.



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