BTK railway stop behind the scenes of a new method of opportunism emerged

BTK Railway stop behind the scenes of a new method of opportunism: some contractors as a whole demand for the excavation and filling parts of the work very high costs, the viaduct of the project, such as the construction of bridges is very low figures. The contractor who draws money for digging and filling is cut off.

A new method of opportunism emerged behind the scenes of the Turkish section of the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway, called the ASRIN project, which aims to revive the historical Silk Road. This method, which was revealed by the TCA report, is called 'goose-fill'. Accordingly, while some contractors demand very high costs for the excavation and filling parts of the work they receive as a whole; bids for parts of the project such as viaduct and bridge construction with very low numbers. Heat kazanİp is withdrawing from the contract after the excavation and filling process, citing the expiry of his allowance. Thus, it is actually higher than the excavation-filling works that will be completed cheaper. kazanThree is achieved, the project remains unfinished. In order to prevent the method that the bureaucracy is uncomfortable with, a preventive regulation was also put into practice.


In the 2013 report prepared by the Court of Accounts regarding the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, examples of tenders related to the method in question were included. The first of these was the construction of the Kars-Tbilisi (Turkey-Georgia) Railway. Şenbay-Ermit Joint Venture Group, with an offer of 26 million 2012 thousand 549 TL, won the tender held by the General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments on March 266, 529. kazanwas. When the details of the tender are examined, it is seen that the market price of the excavation works is 2.58 TL/cubic meter. kazanthe moment the bidder bids 29.7 TL; It was determined that he offered 0,15 TL for the filling works with an average of 4.9 TL/cubic meter.


Tender for excavation works with a market average of 41 million TL kazanWhile the company foresees a total cost of 476 million TL, it stated that it can do the filling works, which has a market average of 8.4 million TL, for 36 million TL. On the other hand, the same company has promised to build the cut-and-cover tunnel for 150 million TL, the bridge and viaduct to be built for 10.9 million TL, for 27.3 million TL, according to market prices, the station that will cost an average of 4.3 million TL. He predicted that he would complete the construction of the facilities for 21.5 million TL. In the report of the Court of Accounts, it was stated, "While 1.8 percent of the contract price is spent for excavation and filling works, it is clear that other unfinished works cannot be completed with the remaining 99.9 percent from the budget."
A similar situation was determined in the construction of the Kemalpaşa Organized Industrial Zone Railway Connection line, which was tendered in 2009. Since the work was not completed in the first tender, a bid of 2.77 TL was given for the excavation works, the unit price of which was 28 TL in the first tender. By Açılım İnşaat with a total offer of 44 million TL kazanIn the second tender, 3.91 percent of the total tender price was allocated for excavation and filling works, which normally make up 18 percent of the cost of the work. With the increase in business during the implementation phase, the said ratio rose to 27.56 percent.

Ministry of Transport launched an investigation

The Ministry of Transport responded to these findings of SAYIŞTAY. In the tender for the Kars-Tbilisi Railway, not only the excavation-fill works but all the manufactures started at the same time, the ministry responded that the tender in question went first to the Public Procurement Board and then moved to the court and the work was liquidated. The Ministry, stating that such problems are caused by public procurement legislation, the Ministry could not make excessive or high price inquiries regarding the details of the work according to the legislation; the total work is noted. Ministry. Investigation and investigation of railway construction is in progress. According to the result, the necessary legal and administrative procedures will be fulfilled işlem.

There will be no subsequent misconduct

An official who provided information on the report of SAYIŞTAY, the method is wanted to be used by some contractors and the bureaucracy is uncomfortable with this situation, he said. In some SEEs, similar qualified tenders were noted, lar However, the Public Procurement Authority (GCC) made a change in its assessment, allowing institutions to question prices on a unit basis. Therefore, there will be no similar misconduct in the next process, Bu he said.

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