Transport Officer-sen Chairman Cankesen Statement

Transport Officer-sen President Cankesen Statement: Can Cankesen, Chairman of the Transport Employees Union (Transport Officer-Sen), affiliated with the Confederation of Memur-Sen, said, “The loyalty and loyalty railway workers should be saved from the victimization of 50 years. We continue our service with the same sacrifice.
Cankes that, in his statement to the AA correspondent in Eskisehir came to participate in a program to understand the sophistication of a country primarily noting that you need to look at modes of transportation, since 2002, have evolved the modes of transportation in our country and reported that adds power to Turkey's development.
Cankes, the High Speed ​​Train and the number that made the leap Turkey in the last 52 years, reaching 10 airports with attention, "Politics, these investments began to look as hot.
It is an honor and a source of pride for the railway workers, if our Prime Minister said, "Turgut Özal is mentioned by highways, I want to be mentioned by railways."
Cankesen defended that the employees of the railway had been forgotten since the 1950 year and their wages had been lost.
“High Speed ​​Train (YHT) is very nice, we go 1.5 hours but nothing has changed for us. High-speed train arrived but there was no increase in employee wages. The only advantage is that time should be a counterpart to the labor of employees who provide this time. We want the return of our labor. Railway employees should also be in a profitable state, while we serve you, while we take you to Ankara in 1.5 hours, let us take you with pleasure and happier, let's not worry about the bread and school money that our child wants at home. After all, if we are free from financial difficulties, we believe that we will provide better service. The loyalty and the loyal railway workers should be freed from the victimization of 50 years. We will continue our service with the same sacrifice, we will do it to the end, but we will also take our right. Beyond that, there's nothing. "
Cankesen, who claimed that the railway workers had been victimized due to the decisions taken by the High Planning Council regarding the scale of wages, stated that this problem should be solved and expressed at the collective bargaining table.
- The government is in an effort to compare the railways to the DHMI model.
Another development related to railway workers "Turkey Law on the Liberalization of Railway Transport" is about flour 1 May 2013 with the entry into force and stressed that the restructuring initiated efforts Cankes, said:
“The content of the law stipulates that third parties will be able to come and buy railroad cars, machines and transport on railways. We can also say that the railroads are open to the public. You can think like the same State Airports Authority (DHMİ). Here, the navigation part and the business part are separated. The government's savings are in this direction. It is in an effort to compare the railways to the DHMI model. ”
Cankesen stated that the transition processes are troublesome and that they especially care about the issue of "job security" and that there is no problem in this regard.
Describing the details of the law, Cankesen continued:
“The law is in force as of May and restructuring works have started. At the end of this year, TCDD will be divided into two: one main body and one TCDD Tasimacilik. Navigation services will be carried out in TCDD transportation, maybe our 8-10 thousand friends will move to this unit. Arrangements have been made to ensure that our friends who remain at the TCDD main body do not experience difficulties. As a result of the intervention of our union, we ensured that each of our friends stayed in their own province. We did not make any of our employees victimized by sending them from the province. Although our competitors called it 'privatization', we said 'liberalization'. As a result, we did not experience the problems brought by the law to our railway workers, but with the development experienced, the railway workers who provided it are not where they deserve right now. The wages they receive among many institutions are low, there is no share of wear. ”
- “There is a shortage of staff in railways and airports”
In Turkey, the opening of new airports and high-speed trains of the number of art that expresses Cankes said, "We want the airport in the remotest corner of the country, but the State Airports are alarming and the State Railways in terms of personnel. While we previously had a staff of 80 thousand people, we are now providing these services with 14 thousand people. We urgently need staff reinforcement. He should hear about it and not ignore us at the Ministry of Transport. ”

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