The group protested the murders of women and there was tension

There was a tension when the group that protested the women murders closed the tramway: In Eskişehir, there was a debate between a group of women and citizens who made a press statement on the tramway to protest women's murders. Some citizens, including women, reacted to the group that blocked the tramway.

A group of women made a press statement in front of the Çarşı Tram Station opposite the Kızılay Business Center on Iki Eylül Avenue, where Huriye Kara was killed by Halil Kara with a shotgun. Before the press release, a mehteran team passed by showing the women and entered the Red Crescent Business Center. It was stated that Mehter team participated in a program held in the business center where Huriye Kara was killed in the morning.

'State-Male cooperation continues. Halil Kara killed Huriye. Asiye Özlahlan read the press statement on behalf of women who opened a banner with the HDK Women's Assembly and carried various foreign currencies. Özlahlan said: “Again in Eskişehir, a woman was killed because her husband wanted it. The murder suspect broke the door of the security room of the workplace, where he took refuge, and shot him in the chest with a shotgun. Halil Kara murdered his wife on suspicion of cheating on him. He pressed his workplace with a shotgun in his hand and planned his wife and killed him with a certain intention by making preparations. The state followed another woman being murdered. We will not be watching the laundering of a female murderer by the male judiciary. We will not let the murder suspect husband laundered. ”

During the press release, women did not allow trams to pass. After the statement, some citizens, including women, responded to the disintegrating group. A woman said to the group closing the tramway, 'Go make your explanation elsewhere'. When the people in the group reacted, the woman showed the umbrella in her hand. Those who intervened removed the woman. The women broke up after arguing with a few more.

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