Viaduct Works Waiting for Trees

Viaduct Works Waiting for Trees: The Highways 14 in the statement on the viaduct in Tonami Square. Deputy Regional Director Mehmet Yazicioglu said that if the 158 tree at this point is cut, the tender can be realized.
Providing information on the viaduct to be held at the Provincial Coordination Board at Tonami Square, the Highways 14. Deputy Regional Director Mehmet Yazicioglu, completed the project said. Yazicioglu said, çözmek A viaduct with a total length of 310 meters would like to solve the problem in the region. The project is ready. We have made the project, have prepared the discovery Proj.
Yazicioglu stated that the trees in the area where the project is located should be removed. M However, there are 158 pieces of trees. They're in the middle. They need to be removed to make the project. We promise. We will be auctioned in the morning when the trees are cut. Ağaç
Speaking on the subject of the Governor of Yalova Selim Cebiroğlu, said:
Tır The project will be the city's own way. Here, the accident will raise trouble. Here are the trees that our Regional Director says. Of course not cut the tree. It is certainly not pleasant to harm the nature, but here is a situation that arises from necessity. Our mayor has promised us about it. We will do after the feast. I'm probably going to visit him next week. We're going to ask you to start this work here. In the case of transport of these trees, our regional manager will be announced immediately. Both human rights and economy will contribute. I also waited a lot around here at the crossroads going to Bursa many times. There's a traffic jam here. Accidents happen. Now that you wrote in the papers the other day, there was an accident. May God not cause these accidents. We've got to figure this out by thinking about his mind. If the business retreats to other places, this problem continues. If we solve this problem, the city traffic will be very relieved. Bu

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