At the end of 2019, Izmir will reach high speed train

By the end of 2019, Izmir will reach the high speed train: Arslan, who came together with the members of the Kars, Ardahan and Iğdır associations in İzmir, stated that they want to reach and reach each other in the country.

Armstrong pointed out the importance of being a family, "Most of our big family big family undoubtedly constitute the Republic of Turkey 80 million. Everyone had a suspicion about this family, saying, 'This family is fragmented.' But everyone saw us not standing apart, shoulder to shoulder, 15 in July. 15 saw the world in July, Turkish people, language, religion, ethnic structure, sect is one without looking at, together and independence with the consciousness of becoming a nation descends in the future when it comes to the future. "He said.

Teachers, "Anatolia geography acts as a bridge between the continents," he said that he taught Arslan, said:

. There is no point when it does not give the right of the bridge, it does not mean that the ancestor leaves this land as a homeland at the expense of being martyred and pouring blood. Now, as a homeland left, to give us the rights of this land, to develop, to reach, to reach, to reach. In order to give the right to this geography, we have to connect the province of 81 with the roads divided from east to west and north to south. We need to weave the rail network. May God bless 150 years ago, this country was woven with iron nets, 100 years before the Great Leader Ataturk and his friends in the absence of iron networks woven, but then we have forgotten the 50-60 years railway. Together with the AK Party, we said that we have to restart the mobilization of the railway and have a fast train. At the end of the 2019, Izmir will have a high-speed train. X

Minister Arslan, giving the right of Anatolia, connecting the cities, the world's largest airport, began to make the fastest trains, bridges, tunnels, viaducts, recording that the country began to develop, the world trade among the ones used to share among themselves, it is uncomfortable to him, against the big projects for him said they would leave, they will continue to be the servant of the nation to persuade them.

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