Leakage penalties on bridge and highway exceeded revenue

Leakage penalties on bridges and highways exceeded revenue: There was a large increase in illegal crossings after the Rapid Pass System (HGS), which was implemented in order to reduce vehicle queues at bridge and motorway tolls.
While vehicles with KGS cannot pass through the barrier at the box office without reading their cards, HGS tolls can be switched directly. 2013 3 million 7,5 million 10 million vehicles, 463 million HGS tolls in the 1, where the KGS was lifted, passed the leak. These tools were fined 162 billion 2011 million liras. 266 2012, 371'da 960 million pounds. Last year, the total revenue from vehicle crossings on bridges and highways was 31 million pounds. The fugitive penalty penalty could only be collected in the amount of XNUMX million pounds.
In addition to OGS tolls, the HGS system was put into operation at 17 September 2012 to reduce the vehicle density at the bridge and highway tolls. 1 Since February 2013, the KGS system has been completely removed and the KGS toll stations have been converted to HGS. Thanks to the HGS system, which allows direct access to tolls, the density has decreased significantly. However, the number of illegal transit vehicles peaked. In the 2013 audit report of the General Directorate of Highways announced by the Court of Accounts, striking statistics on bridge and highway revenues took place. Accordingly 2013 million 1 1 4 (XSHXX in February) 168 million, 518 million OGS transition 139 million and 438 million HGS'in 960 million pounds 563 million 2013 million bridges and freeways, including a total of thousand pounds of income were obtained. 3 million 45 thousand vehicles leaked from OGS tolls at 2. The plate of the 631 million 414 bin of these vehicles was detected, but the plate of the 313 bin could not be read. Leakage of OGS tolls was fined 7 million liras. The 417 million 850 thousand vehicles, which were smuggled from HGS tolls, were fined about 1 million liras. 316 million 31 thousand 729 9 147 1 thousand fines were charged a fine. 131 million XNUMX thousand for the illegal crossing XNUMX billion XNUMX million pounds of money and administrative fines could not be received.
In 2013, the leakage penalty exceeding 1,1 billion pounds is a big difference compared to previous years. 1999 2005 2011 19 761 601 12 1 70 281 322 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX while the amount of illegal shift penalty cut to XNUMX XNUMX thousand million years XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX billion lira. In the audit report of the General Directorate of Highways of the TCA, it is stated that the revenues related to illegal crossings are not seen in the financial statements and therefore the accounts of the activity accounts appear to be lower than they should be. All illegal illegal penalties were taken into account and accounted for in the financial statements.
Those who pass illegally at the tolls of the bridges and toll booths are fined ten times the toll on the longest distance of that route. If the account belonging to the license plate of the vehicle is notified to the main control center within seven days of the date of passing the illegal pass, the toll is charged to this account. In addition, in the case of the transfer of the OGS or HGS within the 7 days and the banks are activated by the banks within the 15 days, the fugitive penalty is automatically converted to the normal toll for the bridge crossings and the longest distance for the tolls. Administrative fines and tolls must be paid within one month from the date of notification to the vehicle owner. 25 discount is applied on XNUMX. Tax offices come into play for unpaid wages within one month. Objections that require examination of camera footage related to leak transitions do not stop the payment of tolls and administrative fines. Sales and transfers are not made with the fenni inspections of the vehicles that pass the leak without paying tolls and administrative fines.

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