The 200-Year-Old Stone Bridge in Ünye Lake will be moved to the Park


Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, which has historical and cultural values, will carry the historical stone bridge in Gölevi Quarter to Atatürk Park, which is located in the district of Ünye, due to road works.

Indicating that the bridge has been removed from the existing President Tekintaş, after the approval of the protection board will be placed in the new location of the historical bridge, he said.


Stating that the bridge is one of the important historical assets of the city, President Tekintaş said, X The stone bridge, which is in our town of Ünye and which dates back to the years of 1800, is among the important historical assets of the city. The transportation process was started with the approval of the Protection Board of the bridge prepared due to the road works carried out in the district. In this context, the flow direction of the creek passing under the bridge and the bridge was changed. The earth filling concrete found on the bridge was removed. After the stone bridge was restored, its surroundings were cleaned. The stones of the bridge which was previously relocated were enumerated from the project and the interior of the Stone Bridge was filled with earth filling in order to prevent the stones from breaking and breaking. The stone blocks that were disassembled were placed on the pallets in number order and transportation was carried out with the work machine numara.


Historical Stone Bridge, transported from Gölevi neighborhood, was taken under protection in Ünye Port. After the restoration project of the Historical Stone Bridge has been approved by the Protection Board, it will be moved to the Atatürk Park in the district and will be provided on a route that the public can use.

Günceleme: 29/03/2019 10:42

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