Criticized the high speed train project in Mecca, detained

Criticized the high speed train project in Mecca, detained: After the Shiite opposition Ayatollah Nemr was sentenced to death, 2 Sunni scholar known for his opposition identity was also detained. The prominent preacher Ureyfi was detained for criticizing his project by the high-speed train in Mecca. It was the 10 day after the innovative Sunni alim al-Maliki was detained for his criticism of the Saudi administration's policy towards the Shiite minority in the northeast of the country.

Well-known preacher Muhammad al-Ureyfi in Saudi Arabia was detained for criticizing the high-speed train project in Mecca.

Selman al-Avde, Vice President of the World Muslim Scholars' Association, known as the leader of the Saudi Arabian well-known intellectuals and the leader of the, Salad al-Salih al-Avde tanınan, from his social networking site Twitter account, said, man Ureyfi is behind the bars Al. for her reward. Praise be to Allah in every case and Her.

On the other hand, the tarafından Freedom campaign for Ureyfi ur was launched on social media by its readers and followers.

In a statement he made on his Twitter account after completing his hajj worship, Ureyfi praised the work of Saudi authorities during the Hajj season, but criticized the train line running between Arafat, Müzdelife and Mina.

Local sources claim that Ureyfi was detained for his lar social messages alt in his sermons. Ureyfi is known for his support to Syrian dissidents in the world public opinion.

While the Saudi authorities did not make any announcements about the news in question, it was stated that his family remained silent.

On the other hand, Saudi Arabian Grand Mufti Abdulaziz bin Abdullah Al-Sheikh, 10 Friday's sermon in October, some Twitter users "trying to uncover the negativity in the hajj," he criticized opponents about this issue.

Maliki 10 is in custody for the day

It was the 10 day after the Sunni scholar, Hasan bin Ferhan Maliki, was detained for criticizing the Saudi administration's policy towards the Shiite minority in the northeast of the country.

Maliki 18 was detained in October. For Maliki, a campaign of freedom was launched through social media such as Ureyfi.

Previously, the Shiite cleric Ayatollah Nemr Bakır en-Nemr had been sentenced to death by accusing him of organizing demonstrations in the country under the influence of the Arab Spring.

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