HAVELSAN took a big step for railways (Photo Gallery)

📩 30/11/2018 17:49

HAVELSAN took a big step for railways: It developed cooperation in the “Business Ecosystem Strong Cooperation and Increasing Domestic Contribution” Meeting organized by HAVELSAN and brought together with SME members to increase domestic and national production.

In his opening speech, Mr. Fikri Işık, Minister of Science, Industry and Technology gave important messages to all SME companies.

In the eyes of the whole world that Turkey and stating that our Minister of Security is the most important agenda, Turkey gave 30 years to fight terrorism. Fortunately, the period of terror is now closed. Turkey begins a new era. What Turkey is not a country halfway around the world, such as South Africa nor South Korea. Turkey is a country and the whole world's eyes on the center of the world. Therefore, Turkey should have a strong army and a strong security system. Ataturk's Republic of Turkey as the founder of "Peace at Home, Peace in the world for" we need to be strong. As we all know, foreign countries have prevented us from using the weapons we received in the Cyprus Peace Operation and in the fight against terrorism. This blocking led us to establish our national defense industry. With the support of the late Ozal, our institutions for the defense industry such as Aselsan, TAI, Roketsan, Havelsan, Mikes and FNSS were developed.

In 2002 the domestic contribution in the Defense Industry was% 24. We emphasized that this is very low and should increase. We said we will do our own infantry rifle, ball, ship, train, plane. We will make our national satellite, our national plane, our national train, our national car until 2023. Today, we have a ratio of% 55 in local area but this is not enough. While we are developing our defense industry, we also develop our industry. As you know, a lot of inventions and innovations were made for military purposes and began to be used in the civil industry.

The manufacturing industry in all countries except Germany, S. Korea and China decreased. We will do more domestic and green production than them. The locomotive of the economy and the industry are SMEs that produce domestic products. Our SMEs need to be developed in design, advanced technology and export.

That is why we consider PUBLIC PURCHASES as a leverage. 5 has been the main arrangement since this year.
1. In order to stimulate domestic production in public procurement, we have provided a 15 price advantage of 10%. The domestic product 15 will be given priority, though without any initiative.
2. Certificate of completion. If the product is a technological product and if our Ministry considers this product as a technological product, domestic product will be preferred without seeking work completion certificate.
3. With the agreement of Offset (Industrial Cooperation Program) in the foreign procurement tenders, 51 domestic contribution requirement will be provided.
4. Taxes will not be converted into intellectual property value.
5. In the R & D Centers, employer contribution will be supported by 2023.

This is a big change with both locals and technological production in Turkey, and we also supports green manufacturing. We will give importance to human health, safety and environment while producing.
We also want the University and Industry to be intertwined. When the university solves an industry problem, we cover the% 85 of it.
95 of our exports is an industrial product and we are competing with our industrial products in the international market. SMEs provide% 55 of our exports. Therefore, our SMEs; We must institutionalize, work together, win together.

I also want to share with you here;

  1. We are cooperating with HAVELSAN-KOSGEB.
  2. We are establishing Defense Industry Specialized Zone in Ankara.
  3. We are establishing a Specialized Industrial Zone in Kırıkkale.

WE ARE IN THE BACK OF LOCAL PRODUCTION AND NATIONAL BRANDS. WE SUPPORT THEM. Therefore, we are reviewing and improving all of our incentive mechanisms.
OUR GOVERNMENT; He addressed how important our SMEs are to local production and how important they are to the NATIONAL BRANDS.

We thank him with the same feelings and thoughts.

HAVELSAN GENERAL MANAGER SADIK YAMAÇ emphasized the importance of cooperation in his speeches;

3.5 Trillion USD international cooperation in the market, cooperation, local production and national brands to meet our companies to meet with our ARUS member Havelsan 1124 staff and 2.9 billion USD with the business volume of the Havelsan workshop was held on the main subject 4.

  1. Command Control Systems
  2. Information and Security Technologies
  3. Simulation, Training and Testing Systems
  4. Management Information Systems

Speaking at the opening, Havelsan General Manager Sadık Yamaç, Havelsan is the biggest simulation and educational institution in Europe and the region. . reported that they took part in many projects and wanted to do all projects together with their solution partners. describing Together cluster and when the team worked with the spirit of the 3 billion USD as the volume of sales and exports 5.076 billion USD will move to more advanced dimensions Slope, Information 1.5 billion USD in Turkey and the telecommunications market and Turkish companies are unfortunately xnumx's% of this market he does not even meet, open to the world market of Turkey is 50 billion USD and reported that strong external dependence and finishing LOCAL NATIONAL BRAND PRODUCTS exiting with and support the need to be.

Prof. İlhami Pektaş

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