Cıbıltepe Ski Center preparing for the season

📩 24/11/2018 13:39

Cibiltepe Ski Center is preparing for the season: winter tourism centers of Turkey's major ski resort Sarikamis Cibiltepe one of the winter season in the tracks of the mechanical and plant preparations continue uninterrupted.

In Cıbıltepe, which is one of the favorite ski centers with its long ski tracks and modernly equipped chairlift, which is located between Sarıçam forests, the fourth chairlift is being installed this winter, while cleaning and leveling works are continuing before the ski season.

Sarikamis Governor Muhammad Gurbuz, AA correspondent, said in a statement during this ski season to provide better service to ski lovers in the region and made a great effort with new mechanical facilities.

Stating that important projects have been implemented in the ski center with the contributions of Kars Governorship and Sarıkamış Municipality, Gürbüz continued his words as follows:

“Maintenance and cleaning works have been completed in most of the dark stream and the runways in the 2nd stage. The hydraulic, mechanical, electrical and lubrication processes in the mechanical facilities continue. Currently, the assembly works of the chairlift in the first stage, which will be put into service during this ski season, are continuing rapidly. The upper and lower stations of the 1-meter line were erected, and the poles were erected. After the chairlift rope is pulled, the test work will begin. 700. On the other hand still in place and the construction of the toboggan run in continuous operation will be a first in Turkey continues. I hope we will host more local and foreign tourists in our district during this ski season. Our only goal is to increase the tourism potential to the next level, to contribute to the economy of the region and at the same time to provide job opportunities for our unemployed citizens. ”

Workers working in the assembly of the fourth chairlift, which will be put into service at the Cıbıltepe Ski Center and carrying a capacity of 200 thousand people per hour, continued to work by heating with the fire they burned in the area of ​​mechanical facilities as the air temperature dropped by 2 degrees below zero.