320 thousand tons of asphalt thrown into the rod

Cubuka 320 thousand tons of asphalt was laid: Vedat Üçpınar, Head of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Science Affairs Department, said that as the metropolitan municipality, they made 320 thousand tons of hot asphalt paving in Çubuk.
Üçpınar visited Çubuk Mayor Tuncay Acehan in his office and then examined the areas to be worked in the district. In the statement he made here, Üçpınar said that important work was carried out in Çubuk after the local elections.
Stating that 50 percent of the neighborhood roads in the Karagöl region and the Karagöl road are paved, Üçpınar said:
“After the local elections, 320 thousand tons of asphalt was laid in Çubuk. This asphalt pavement was made especially on our Karagöl road and group roads. Our asphalting plan will continue in 2015 as well. I hope we will complete the remaining part of the Karagöl road, half of which we built this year, in 2015. After this week, our sidewalk and middle median works will start on Adnan Menderes Boulevard and Karagöl Street in Çubuk. We had previously finished our pavement works on 7 streets. "
Drawing attention to the severe winter months in Çubuk, Üçpınar noted that they will manage Çubuk from Ankara, not from Ankara in the fight against snow, and said, “Our salt stock is being created in our region. In addition, maintenance of our graders and dozers to be deployed here is also carried out. While increasing the number of graders and dozers, blade systems mounted on trucks were also prepared. We are ready for winter in Çubuk with 15 teams with a total of nearly 3 heavy equipment and trucks. When it is not sufficient, we can reinforce the team from the center ”.
Çubuk Mayor Tuncay Acehan said, “As a result of the applications we made, the people of the district will now be able to make permits and fees for excavations, such as asphalt and road participation shares, without going to the center. This application will greatly facilitate the work of our citizens. Asphalt, pavement and infrastructure works continue in our district of our Metropolitan Municipality, ”he said.

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