Special Seats for Private Passengers in EGO Buses

Special seats for private passengers on ego buses
Special seats for private passengers on ego buses

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality EGO General Directorate, which met a large part of the capital's need of public transportation, realized a first in buses and signed a new application.

General Directorate of EGO; handles, old people, pregnant and women with children for the buses separated by special figures and patterned fabrics are changing seats.


EGO General Directorate Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Department In the first stage of the assembly stage in Macunköy Workshops, the 150 bus will be replaced with the first seat of the 4 950.

29 team members started 67 from April to date. 2 bin 211 ekip special figure and patterned X seat replacement was carried out on XNUMX bus.


The Metropolitan Municipality started to cover the priority seats with special figures and patterns in order to make the citizens of the EGO bus to travel and to make the public more aware and to travel in a safer and more comfortable environment.

At the same time, damaged, dirty, torn and unusable seats in the comfortable, ergonomic and ergonomic seats in the new type of change is carried out by the teams, spend a busy time.


Officials of the General Directorate of EGO, the public transport services of the capital of the capital every day 340 bus, 750 thousand passengers on the move, stating that a large share of public transportation EGO buses "special figure and patterned" seats with special status passengers after this application they said they could travel comfortably.

Officials who used the public transport vehicles, disabled, elderly, pregnant and children traveling in a seamless way to remind the passengers separated from public transport vehicles, said: de There may be unpleasant times between priority seat passengers and other passengers. We think that this unpleasantness will be prevented thanks to the special design seats that have not been made so far in buses koltuk.

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  1. On the metro buses, young people always sit on the seat reserved for the "emgelli old pregnant….. disabled and old pregnant women …… stand up." More effective methods should be applied to prevent this. young children should be educated on this subject (with parents, teachers, etc.). Every once in a while, a stimulant like a police officer can wander around and let the disabled and old people sit on their reserved place.