Bridges on the Asar Stream

Bridges on the Asar Stream Reorganized: The municipality will take the bridges over the Asar stream in the south of Düzce. The difference in the elevation in the bridges will be eliminated by the municipality and the construction errors will be corrected.
The bridges over the Asar Creek by DSI recently brought many complaints. The 3 bridge, which was built especially for the Şaguç bridge, was not as expected as it was expected, but it was almost as freaky as it could be. Düzce Municipality passed for the bridges that caused problems for both drivers and pedestrians.
Vice President Şemsettin Yenersoy made remarks about the repairs, renovations and revisions of the bridges to be constructed by the Municipality.
Yenersoy, ın the Aydınpınar bridge was a mistake of the contractor firm. The stone walls of the canal stand apart. Some of it is in the future, some of which are left behind. First of all, we will enter into works which will eliminate the level difference as a municipality by the contractor firm to be harmonized with the bridge. Bunlar
Yenersoy also provided information on the new bridges planned to be built; Car Work continues on Selahattin Olcar Bridge. Excavations have been completed. Bridge curtains and tiles will be discarded soon. We have a bridge at Hal junction, but there are problems with passing high-voltage lines across this bridge. If we solve this problem with SEDAŞ, our work will be concluded quickly. A bridge in Ağa neighborhood has road filling works. I hope that this bridge will be completed until the end of the year. Yine

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