Highway crashed 6 in the vehicle killed

Highway collapsed Six people in the vehicle died: The highway collapsed in the massacre republic, which was connected to Russia. While 6 people in a vehicle falling into a pit formed at a depth of 8 meters lost their lives, 6 children in the same vehicle were injured. One of the children is life-threatening. Authorities who explained the accident related to the accident on the Yevpatoriya-Nikolayevski route in the city of Simferepol in the Crimea argued that the pit on the road suddenly formed. An investigation was launched into the incident.
In the massacre, which was connected to Russia, the end of the autobol ground floor collapsed. 8 people in a vehicle in a pit of 6 meters in depth were accompanied by 2 children in the same vehicle. One of the children has a death hazard. He argued that the pit on the road was formed by explaining the accident related to the accident in the Yehvpatoriua-Nikolaushevski route in the city of Crimea in Simferapol. An incident-related investigation was launched. The company of the massacre is investigating the company and its actions. It was noted that the bridge was built in 2010. According to the local messengers, the wrong way of doing.

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