34 Istanbul

Women's act of pink metrobus

Women's pink metrobus action: Saadet Party Istanbul Women's Branch members, metrobus line will be used only by women “pink metrobus eylem demanded the launch of the application. President Tayyip Erdoğan's mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality [more…]


Cheap fuel to metrobus

Metrobus cheap fuel: Ministry of Development published research, urban transportation to ease the use of a private vehicle for the citizen who added additional tax and the vehicle to get into the city were offered suggestions. By the Ministry of Development [more…]

33 France

French Judgment Does Not Leave The Railway Accident

The French Judiciary Doesn't Give Up After the Railway Accident: A case was opened against the railways maintenance organization with the accusation of “involuntarily causing death and injury”. The French judiciary took place in southern Paris last year and killed seven people. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Istanbul Tram for Inno Trans Fair in Berlin

Istanbul Tram for Inno Trans Fair in Berlin: Istanbul Tram, which is produced in cooperation with local industry, will be exhibited at InnoTrans-Berlin, the biggest international fair of the sector. Istanbul, the production of which is carried out in cooperation with domestic industry [more…]

1 Canada

Want to grow in Turkey Sunday Bombardier

Bombardier Turkey Want Growing Market: Train and aircraft manufacturer Bombardier Transportation has announced new targets in Turkey market. Bombardier Transportation Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) President Dieter John, Bombardier Railway Vehicles [more…]