34 Istanbul

AVM's hope in public transport

avmn the prospect of public transport: Day by day growing number of shopping centers in Turkey had to 370. Approximately one-third of shopping centers with total turnover of 70 billion dollars are located in Istanbul. One of the shopping malls in Istanbul that have 114 numbers [more…]

34 Istanbul

Before the Marmaray, there was a havara

Before the Marmaray had havaray: Nowadays widely spoken havaray Projects, 50 years ago also were on the agenda of Turkey. The chairlift, which was completed in Istanbul in 1958, was not only Istanbul but also the first Havaray experience of the country. [more…]


Conveyance to mass transportation

Silent hike to public transportation in Konya: Metropolitan Municipality made a surprise raise to Elkart the previous day. Student tickets and civic tickets were raised 30 about a percentage Metropolitan Municipality surprised Elkart the day before [more…]