AK Women's response to the endless Balçova cable car facilities

Reaction to the endless Balçova cable car facilities from AK Women: Balçova Cable Car Facilities, one of the most important facilities of İzmir and one of the city's landmarks, could not come to an end. Finally, the construction of the facility, which is expected to be delivered on August 28, has been extended again.

AK Party Women's Branches reacted to the construction of the cable car facilities, one of the symbols of the city, for 7 years. The women gathered under the leadership of the Provincial Women's Branch President Özen Kızılırmak and the Vice President of Women's Branches, Dilek Yıldız, expressed their reactions in front of the construction of the Cable Car Facility. Özen Kızılırmak, AK Party Izmir Province Women's Branch President Özen Kızılırmak, who is also a member of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Council, said, “The construction of the Cable Car Facility is constantly postponed when there is no obstacle in front of the Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu who has been saying that the government has been blocking the project for İzmir for years”. . Noting that the cable car facilities are closed for about 7 years, Kızılırmak said, “The construction of this facility, which is one of the iconic values ​​of İzmir, could not be completed in any way. Aziz Kocaoğlu blames the government for every unfinished project. The tender process, which has no legal obstacles, has been completed and all kinds of permits have been completed and are waiting to be opened to the public. But come and see, when we arrived at the location of the facility in Balçova, we collapsed once again with the view we encountered. ”

Defending that the poles that hold the wires carrying the cable car cabins are unattended on the ground and that the huge trees that have taken years to grow at the points where the poles will be planted, Kızılırmak said, “The cut trees prove that the respect for life and life is zero. Balcovans in rebellion. Metropolitan Municipality continues its construction operations with an insensitive management to the public. Local people say that no security of life and property is taken in and around the area of ​​the construction, so that wild animals living in the forestland are suddenly on the road and harm the people and craftsmen around. It is among the information we have obtained from the people of the region where pigs, who have gone through the apartments that can easily get on the roads because of the absence of fence and wires, cause traffic accidents many times. I am here with my management, with the awareness of being the voice of the people, since I have been carrying out the duties of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Council Membership together with the AK Party İzmir Provincial Women's Branch. Therefore, it is our duty to remind once why local administrators who have the authority to act at the point of representation of the people have been elected, to make their voices not to forget what their duties are and to find a solution to the problem of the people.

Construction works for the renewal of the Balçova Teleferik Facilities were not delivered on time. When the construction of the facility could not be completed on August 28, which was given by the contractor firm STM Sistem as the delivery time of the facility, it was closed by painting with oil paint on August 28, 2014, which was specified in the information plate at the entrance of the construction.

The ropeway facilities, which were in use for many years, were closed due to the report prepared by the Izmir Branch of the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers in 2007, on the grounds that "there is no safety of life and property". 3 tenders for the repair of the Metropolitan Municipality were canceled for various reasons. The tender held in February 2012 was awarded to STM System Teleferik Montage and Turizm A.Ş., which gave the lowest bid of 10 million 225 thousand liras. kazanwas. Doppelmayr Seilbahnen Gmbh company, which has the highest bid in the tender with 14 million 400 thousand liras, appealed to the Public Procurement Authority. The Public Procurement Authority also canceled the tender on April 9, 2012, on the grounds that the approximate cost calculation was incorrect and that it should be calculated individually over unit prices. While Izmir Metropolitan Municipality was opening new tenders, news came from the court that the decision of the KIK was cancelled. Thus, the Metropolitan prepared a new contract and made an agreement with STM Teleferik for its renewal. The first groundbreaking work could only be started on 2007 April 6 for the facility, which was closed to service in 2013. While the foundations were laid by Aziz Kocaoğlu and many politicians in April 2013, Kocaoğlu said that the facility would be opened on 30 December 2013.


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