Asphalt News

Asphalt Study in Vezirköprü

Asphalt Project in Vezirköprü: With the coordinated work of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality and Vezirköprü Municipality teams, the streets and streets in Vezirköprü are asphalted. As a result of the work of the municipal teams, Taşkale Mahallesi Karkucak road and Vezirköprü OMÜ Vocational School road paving was completed. [more…]


3. Bridge blown Şile

Bridge crossed Sile: 3. As the bridge road passes through Şile, the plot prices have increased. The mega projects, especially the bridge and connection roads, have also revived the real estate investment sector in the city. 3. Bridge and connection road [more…]


Ovit Tunnel Without Broken

The Ovit Tunnel is not without Kırık: The Project of the Century When the Broken Tunnel, which is one of the most important entrances to the Ovit Tunnel, will be built, it remains unclear. Those who say that 'Ovit will not work without being broken' will be used as soon as the General Directorate of Highways [more…]


Color Arrived for Pedestrian Crossings

Pedestrian Crossing Color Arrived: General Directorate of Highways teams in the district of Tekirdag Muratli pedestrian crossing was renewed. The lines were repainted due to the erasure of the pedestrian crossing lines in the district. Pedestrian crossing lines, especially where pedestrian traffic is intense [more…]


What is the Department of Highways?

What the Department of Highways does: The road on Atatürk Street, known as the Gönyeli-Boğaz old road, is full of pits. Stating that the warning signs and lighting on the road is missing citizens, the Department of Highways invited to the task. Gönyeli - Bosphorus old [more…]


Dynamites Detonated in BTK Railway Line

Dynamites destroyed on the BTK Railway Line Destroyed the houses: The Baku-Tbilisi-Kars (BTK) dynamite, detonated in the railway line works, destroyed houses in Kars and Ardahan. The villagers filed a criminal complaint to the courts in Arpaçay and Ardahan about the company carrying out the work of the BTK railway line. [more…]


Uncontrolled Level Crossing

Uncontrolled Level Crossing Danger Danger: In Mersin yesterday evening a motorcycle driver lost his life uncontrolled level crossing, danger continues to scatter. The central district of Akdeniz Freedom Neighborhood Keresteciler Site behind the uncontrolled level crossing, in the region Hem yesterday evening in Mersin [more…]