Transportation in Eskişehir

Eskişehir Transportation hike against the elramvay: Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality's tram and bus transportation to a group who want to protest the hike, called "elramvay" grocery carts and walked to the town hall. [more…]


RayHaber 04.09.2014 Tender Bulletin

MT 15000 DMU Vehicles Toilet System Supplies will be taken (TÜVASAŞ) Preparation of the final safety assessment report of YHT Set Project Automatic Defibrillator will be taken Diesel Fuel Bellows Type Bus Purchase

35 Izmir

Let Çandarlı Port not be left to its fate

Çandarlı Port should not be abandoned to the fate: EBSO Chairman Ender Yorgancılar said that Çandarlı Port will play a major role in achieving 2023's goals as the logistics center of İzmir and said 'not to be left to its destiny'. Aegean Region Industry [more…]

06 Ankara

Ankara Metro imposition

Ankara Metro imposition: I want to tell you about the imposition that people living in Ankara have just encountered and if they don't react, they will have more headaches. Transportation is a legal right. People from a place [more…]

34 Istanbul

Will Haydarpasa Train Station Hotel

Will Haydarpaşa Railway Station be a Hotel: Haydarpaşa Railway Station will be restored and used as a hotel. Kadıköy his municipality made such a statement. Will Haydarpaşa Train Station be a Hotel? Haydarpaşa Railway Station was renovated and the hotel [more…]