35 Izmir

Escalator bridges grind in izbanda

Torment of Bridge with Escalators in Izban: The bridge of İZBAN, which provides public transportation between Aliağa and Menderes, started to be built about a year ago in Halkapınar and was completed 7 months ago and opened for use, on arrivals from Aliağa, [more…]


Transportation in Eskişehir

Tramway against the transportation hike in Eskişehir: A group that wants to protest the hike of Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality to the tram and bus transportation walked to the city hall by taking the market baskets called “elramvay”. [more…]

35 Izmir

Let Çandarlı Port not be left to its fate

Çandarlı Port should not be abandoned to its fate: EBSO Chairman of the Board Ender Yorgancılar stated that Çandarlı Port will play a major role in reaching the 2023 targets of İzmir as a logistics center and said 'it should not be abandoned'. Aegean Region Industry [more…]

06 Ankara

Ankara Metro imposition

Ankara Metro imposition: I want to tell you about the imposition that people living in Ankara have just encountered and if they don't react, they will have more headaches. Transportation is a legal right. People from a place [more…]

34 Istanbul

Will Haydarpasa Train Station Hotel

Will Haydarpaşa Railway Station be a Hotel: Haydarpaşa Railway Station will be restored and used as a hotel. Kadıköy municipality made such a statement. Will Haydarpaşa Train Station Become a Hotel? Haydarpasa Train Station was restored and the hotel [more…]